Inspired by the Easy Challenge thread, I decided to take a childhood favorite and see what I could do with it.

Here’s where I am at now:

Need to try and increase the resolution of some of the images and work on the lighting some more, but thought it would be a fun project.

Great work, but for some reason the money seems too luminescent. Other than that it’s excellent.

Yep. I was having an issue with getting the buffered shadows at the right angle. Worked on it a bit more.

I like that last one , the way its processed. Makes it look all gloomy. I always thought monopoly was evil.

I think I am going to leave it at this. Tried to keep it gloomy, but the processing was a little overboard before.

Post processing done in the Gimp. Ambient occlusion used for the graininess. May put one of the game pieces laying over on it’s side to add to the feel of it.

Wow dude nice kind of reminescent oh and I like the money the way it was before. The money to me actually looks like that.

the money seems too exact where it’s placed… only someone like me with OCD would go through the trouble of lining the money up with the board and each other money so perfectly… maybe have them laying around on the board, or at least on the side, in a disorderly fashion? And also the money the has one side in the air… there’s something odd about it… but other than that this is a great image!

No post applied to this render. Just trying to randomize the look a bit more and added the famous logo to the board. Looks like Rich Uncle Moneybags is shooting craps.

I like the post pro version more tbh. You probably could have obtained the same result using nodes though (I think)

Looks like we got a 20 going through the board there, but toherwise thats my favorite one so far

Looking very nice - you know your lighting

Alright. That’s about as far as I think I am going to go with it other than adjusting the luminosity of a few things here and there, but overall, I really enjoyed doing this. It has a bit of an ominous feel to it while still capturing the intent of the game. Thanks for the comments and crits. Some of the post work was done in Blender, but as I am not too familiar with nodes, I opted for finishing it in the Gimp.

Here is the blend file if anyone wants to play with it or extend it. All I ask is that you post your results so everyone can enjoy it.

I love it! Thanks for listening! And great work two thumbs up

The money looks exactly the same as it does in our game. One problem, the community chest cards are pinkish purple and the chance cards are yellow. I like the last render but the blur is a little weird. The lighting would also suit Cluedo.