Monster Fish

Hello all, long time no see.
I’ve been working on this fish, the concept is not mine but I got permission from the artist to make a 3D version of it. Here is the original sketch:
I’m not making it exactly the same, I’m adding my own little bits and pieces to it.
The body has been sculpted but not retopoed yet.
The fins are just placeholders and I’m not too sure about the plugs in it’s side, I think they may need more variety. I’m also thinking of adding a small camera to his face plate.
Perhaps lengthening the wires would help? My goal is to make a fish so frightening that it gives little kids nightmares. That’s a noble goal, eh?
Any thoughts/ideas/crits are welcome.

No crits, looking good. (Eye looks strange, but my guess is that that’s the specular reflection near the edge). Looking forward to see it textured.

That’s one nasty looking “angler fish”! :wink: Nice work so far…

Good work.
Title could also be “FrankenFish” or “Hanibal Fishler” :wink:

I acually did think about FrankenFish but thought it wouldn’t go over too well.
Here’s the texture I’ve begun for the faceplate. Not happy with the edge of it, that will definately get some more attention.

Here are some more texture shots, I redid the faceplate texture, working on the skin and tongue textures as well:


I couldn’t resist a render test.

My todo list:

Remove the placeholder fins and make the real ones
Change the wires. I don’t like the flow of them


Leather strap
Plugs and wires

Needs a lot of work.

This is still up in the air.


I dusted this off and picked it back up.
I’m having trouble with his lamp…it doesn’t look like a lamp. Does anyone have any tricks on how to make it look like it’s really glowing and putting off light?
I’m using these settings and used a blue spotlight to shine on the fish. There has to be a better way, though.

And here is what it looks like when rendered:

Thanks for any tips.

Use nodes to add a glow to the lamp by overlaying it with a image of itself that is blurred and brightened alittle. I would also add a blue spot light to shine some light on the fish itself and if that isn’t enough I would also try to add a blue omnilamp.
Radiosity might also do what you are looking for but I’m always having a hard time to control it so I prefer the above approach.

I’ve got a blue spotlight shining at the fish, maybe I should turn it up some.
I like the overlay idea, that’s also how I did the background so I could just paint the glow onto that same image.
I’ve also never had much luck with radiosity :slight_smile:
Thanks chief.

Sometimes it pays to make the water unrealisticly clear if you’re trying to show off a good model, and yours is excellent so i’d try for a light setup thats less realistic but shows off the contours and i’d have the water a little clearer, but to compensate i’d add water debre and particals aswell.

Here’s another test run:

Something is definately keeping this from popping and I can’t put my finger on it. It may be just too dark and more contrast would help.

TheANIMAL–I’ll try some super clear water. It might give me more contrast, but with his lamp for bait I think it looks like a critter that would live in murky, crappy water.


Nice modeling and texture. I think what you might be looking for and missing in this piece is the expression on the face. If you’re going to give the kids nightmares, the fish needs to project a human interpretable expression.

Rage or extreme anger is usually terrifying to little kids (big ones, too.) In order to get that, you need to turn the corners of the mouth down instead of up, and put in some kind of eyebrow lowering and creasing in the middle of the forehead. (Yes, I know, fish don’t have those particular structures, make something up. It’s artistic licence.)

You might want to try putting some warmer colors inside the mouth, for contrast.

Dude, you may be right. I thought it was just the render that I was screwing up but the model may need adjusting.
Do you guys think that making the teeth bloody and perhaps some fish entrails trailing out of his mouth would be a cheap trick for scary?

Read through the thread, great model, great texturing.
Personally, I feel the part of the model that is undermining the whole sinister look is the eye. The round bulbous shape, along with the brownish color gives the eye a friendly look. Take a look at the eye in your avatar. Put an eye similar to that on this fish, maybe change the color to something unnatural, and I don’t care what shape the mouth is, no one’s gonna mess with that fish! :0)
Very nice work so far.

Ok, I reworked the eye shape, here’s a straight-on close up (sorry, it’s quite dark):

And here is what it looks like from the current camera:

I’ll get to work on the lighting, fixing the eye materials, and finishing/redoing the textures.

Thanks for all the help.

Wow the difference is obvious in the last one
keep up the work!

Yeah! Now you’re on to it!

One thing that bugs me with each of these shots is that it seems to be a deep water frankenfish. But there signs that it is swimming close to the surface because of the water reflections on it’s back. I guess what I am getting at is the water reflections on his back are bothering me. Have you tried some renders with them off? Also, I remember when watching blue planet’s creatures of the deep. They went into a lot of detail on how the crews used lighting to make the video images really amazing. You may want to look into it. I don’t remember their setup exactly but I believe that they used a lot of back light with a few front lights for depth.

You know, I hadn’t thought of it that way. I just figured the deep would be too dark so I do have him near the surface for light, but why not try some renders down deep with diver’s lights on it?
Thanks again all. Don’t know if I’ll get any more updates tonight, movie night with wife.