Monster Fish

Wow thats totally awesome!

Wow, the modeling is by far my favorite part of this piece so far. Texturing seems pretty decent, maybe a tad…I guess bland on the main body section. Love the tongue’s texture, though.

Your recent change to the shape of the eyes really increases the overall effect of the model, gives this guy a lot of personality, which I’m assuming is what you were going for. I definitely approve.

Lighting and composition are obviously where you need a lot of work still. I definitely agree with Woodman5k about the reflections on his back, it kinda contradicts the murky/deep water look you were going for. Some floating particles/ocean debris would pull this piece together pretty well. And maybe it’s just me, but I really think you should down the green-ness of the water, it just seems too…green to me.

Keep up the good work!

dudewithasock–thanks for the good crit. I totally agree about my composition skills, they definately need improvement.
I’m going to remove the water reflection and will get to the water particles after I redo some textures.

One crit hope you check it out.

The fish eye don`t look like a fish eye it sort of dull maybe look at some fish eye (google some images).

With an eye that looks fish enough your fish will bee more recognized like a fish not like a robot with no feeling.

Then apply some contrast the left side that it is not light up must be darker a little more with the shadow of the fish , i remind you that the ocean water it is not clean and has micro life and look more pale to gray and with little blue with lot of noise and things.

I hope you advance your drawing skills that will help your composition problems and contrast with light and dark.

Your sketch looks flat and that flatness reflects a little in the final stuff , give it life learn to make things like a flower that grows and grows , all things you do in 3d and 2d must grow in the eye of the other that sees that`s the only way to be noticed in the all flat short minded artist that get stuck to robotic things or only human things.

Next time find some good references on the net mechanical and fish all stuff from trucks and cars to all things then put your mind to it and make a good original thing that will shock everyone.

Then you will have the pictures , the drawing ,and the 3d model with no textures but you can see the textures on the truck and the real fish and will be more easy to texture and make it astonishing :wink:

Hope you get the ideea

I do appreciate all of your crits, but as I stated in the first post the sketch is not mine, it came from another forum and I asked the artist for permission to use his idea for a 3d version :slight_smile:
I don’t think I want the eye to look like a real fish, more of a fantasy/unholy kind of eye.
I will definately take into consideration your suggestions for the water.