Monster From Behind - Test

This was a sloppy test to try out a little CGI interaction…
Rendered with Eevee at 16 samples…


Nice work! What about the lighting?

Being this was just a test to see if i could do the curtain “trick”, not much effort was put into lighting (or much of anything else :slight_smile: ). Just tried to make it look half decent.

As far as the filmed footage, it was just the ceiling lights in the room, hence the bad keying of the green screen.

As for the lighting in blender, one Area light and i played with the shadow settings (for the shadows on the right wall) in Eevee’s render panel (cube size) and also the lights size in the area lights properties to soften it a bit.

Hope that answered your question, i can record a quick video of the lights if you want.

Thanks again.

{EDIT} Also did alittle bit of a color grade in Davinci after the final Blender render which helped some.

…it’s a lot of work that went in there.
Especially including cloth simulation together with a real life shot… that takes balls todo.
I admire people that can do green-screen content… I’ve tried it myself and went full train wreck every time :sunglasses:

edit: btw, love your workspace! \m/

Yeah… not that im any good at it yet, but green screen work does involve alot of time (at least for me). Unless you have a room or studio dedicated for it where you can just walk in plug in the lights and start filming, its a pain right there… setting up and then breaking down (hence the one wall with the green screen stapled to it). But the set-up time is worth it to get a good key when you hit the software end of it.

That work space needed to be clean and organized a couple months ago, lol. Maybe i should do a little of that now :slight_smile:

That’s my problem right there