Monster Head... I know, I know...

So, the last thing BA needs is another “monster head” model, so here it is! :evilgrin:
Actually, this is the first time I’ve used the sculpting tools and, with the exception of the teeth, the entire model was done in sculpt mode. I plan to use this as a base for learning UV better and for getting textures/materials down.
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted in here, I’ll actually finish this one, I promise! :slight_smile: Then I’ll take what I’ve learned to finish my dragon! (yep still have that one in the wings, for those of you who might know what I’m talking about).
Well, C&C on any aspect welcome!

EDIT (3-25-09): I guess I lied about finishing this thing! lol Since then I’ve learned a lot about topology and decided this wasn’t worth continuing. UVing this thing would have been a nightmare! :smiley:


Nice one! You sculpted it from what? Will you show the wires, please?

The nose is somehow melted into the face, but I think it looks good. What looks strange are cheeks. the muscles you have there are going from front to back, that would make them useless for moving the jaw. And the ears are too high and I think they should be more sharper at the end. Moreover they are poorly defined, they need some details.