Monster Head (My first one)

This is a monster head that I have finished finished a few days ago. It’s a high polygon head and I created it entirly in blender’s sculpt mode. Simplistic materials with ambient occlusion on and some nasty textures. I wanted to make it look like clay or a statue. It’s my first head that I ever created so go easy on me.

Do you like it, do you find it realistic?


clap clap clap very good for a beginner only thing i would suggest is maybe adding like cuts and maybe like lil bumps with indents in them to make it look more detailed.

That is quite cool!

It looks cool. I also really like the ears. I wouldn’t mind seeing it from a few more angles, though.

New pics coming soon, I messed up my materials and I’ll have to find them again so be patient.
Edit: Voilla


I’m glad I left you speechless :smiley: