Monster Head Sculpt

Last Update.


I really like this.

of course I’m a fan of anything scary looking.

did you sculpt in blender?

Hi, Yes it is all done in Blender. I think the poly count is around 300 000, that´s not enough for high frequency details, but I painted them with texture painting.

thats looking pretty cool, but im not much of a fan of that gray tone around the mouth. the slightly wet nose is an interesting addition

he sorta has a sad expression, but good sculpting.

this is really amazing job :slight_smile:

i think the gums need some work

Thanks, but…what are the gums? the cheeks? It is far from finished yet, I think I will try to make it human-skinned to see how it looks. I’m planning on doing a series of head sulpts based on some drawings I made, maybe I can post them to see what you think about the characters

gums are the ugly part in this image

Cheek muscles are what open and close the jaw. Your model lacks them. How does it open its mouth?

If you use the retopo tool to make a low-res version with “correct” edgeloops, and then normal map the higher res sculpt the details onto it, you’d be half way to a modeling/texturing reel. All you need is two models; one organic (this one) and and one hard (no bends like the organic, you are allowed triangles… do a car, an airship or similar to suit your style). I can see your lighting is pretty good so all you need to do is have each on a turn table, fading the wires on and off, and some camera pans to show off the better bits of your detail. For the texturing reel, you would also want to show the UV maps… include diffuse (colour) and normal maps, and if you have them extras like specularity maps would go well. Some moody music, contact details at begining and end of reel, and you can start applying for work.

could you share all of the lighting settings and material settings for that second render please? :slight_smile:

I agree with jeepster can we please see the settings?

The teeth are not done yet. I like the fleshy look more so I may give up on the dark brown one, anyway this is a last try.
Thanks for all the coments.

thanks for the advice. No need for retopo because the base mesh was made using edge-loops.

Jeepster, Tomrebel2:
I will post the setup for that render when I get home but I did the skin shader tutorial in Blender art magazine, don’t remember what issue, I have to check, so the credit for the skin is his.

I wasn’t asking what the cheeks are, I know. I was asking if the cheeks are the same as the gums, but I see my coment is not very clear, my fault. He opens his mouth by means of wizardry, of course :slight_smile:

Great work. It has an interesting reptilian feel to it but at the same time is somewhat apish to me. Might be the texturing adding to that effect. The eyes are my favorite part of it.

that looks pretty good… the fast movements are a really nice change from most people first rig test being woefully slow and sloppy…

Finished the mouth but I have problem, the upper teeth have no highlight although they’re the same geometry (are duplicated) and have the same material as the lower teeth

Can we see the setup for the second render please???

Don’t misunderstand me… I wasn’t saying you had bad loops. For a modeling reel, the sculpted version would have way too high polycount for the wireframe turntable essentially needed to show prospective employers your skill. Therefore, use retopo to recreate a low poly version, and normal map the details onto it.

onnevan, I think that the web page is not

any ways, great work