Monster In Progress

Work in progress: this is the start of a Blender version of a character I designed for a children’s book idea a long time ago. The modeling is pretty much done–I still have his tongue to do, but I figure it’ll be easier to get to the inside of his mouth after I rig him to move.



You might want your character to have legs pointing down before you rig him. There are going to be troubles with this huge area between his legs. Unless he will never walk on them but float in air in this wierd position :slight_smile:

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Great suggestion–thanks! I’ve been debating whether or not I should place them a little lower on him. That would have the legs naturally extruding more downward, too, so that could solve a bunch of potential problems.

Jerzy Górski was right! The way I was trying to articulate the legs didn’t work when I rigged him, so I redid them more conventionally.

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He’s rigged and ready for colors and textures

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I got some color and texture on him–this is really low-res and I’m going to be adding lights and some particle effects in the background, but he’s coming along.