monster pacman

here is a picture of an evil monster pac man i am designing, wish I could remember how I did the first eye because I can’t get the second hole to look like that.
Anyone got any good eye tuts at all?, apart from the pixar one because that never looks any good on my copmputer, it probbably will when I upgrade it, anyways let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas on how to make the armatures reapear please let me know as they have vanished again, and are only showing up in the outliner and not in the 3d view thanks in advance.

Heh, it looks pretty wild. By the way, about the armature, I think your armature is on a different layer. Try changes layers all over the place, and if you find it, move it back to number one or remember which one it’s on.

it is on layer one but still not showing up

You can just copy across the eye you have made rather then model another one.Delete vertices on the left side where the eye will be, select vertices on the right side and duplicate them(shift-d).Now mirror them(m) about the appropriate axis and attach to the surrounding vertices.