Monster presents: Monstini

Hi Blenderheads,

Monster just tried Autodesks free 3D Capture application 123D Catch.

With some photographs and some time the application generated a pretty amazing 3D model of my Monster.

So Monster presents:

“Monstini” …
age: 8 size: around 35 cm color: blue
It is not perfect as you will see. The results are still pretty cool. I think with some better input the quality can be improved.

The presentation uses the MouseOrbiter. So you can orbit with mouse :smiley:

Maybe this makes you publish your own captures
Have fun

Update: Now with textures :smiley:


Monstini.blend (1.8 MB)


I’m sorry, but I must use the classic “forget to pack the texture” sentence here, and then I’ll say that the monster its impressive and…cute!
Nice work!

this is pretty cool! i saw something like this on a CES video a while back it might have bin the same thing but i will defniatly try this.

Oh how many photos did it take im asuming more photo’s the better?

Outsch! good point
I completely missed that there is an external texture file.
Unfortunately you have to wait until I’m home :(.

I used around 40 Photographs. The problem is mainly the light. I used the light from a window. This made two issues:
A) when taking the pictures from window side, the model can receive the shade from the photographer. But this is predictable.
B) When taking the pictures with the window, the bright window has bad impact on the picture’s brightness. The application automatically skipped these pictures.

I think this are typical “beginner” mistakes. I will play around a bit more to see what can be achieve with this method.
I noticed one thing: small details (like the eyes and the external dents) are really hard to capture. I will check what happens with close-up pictures.

BTW. I wonder why the blend looks much better in the BGE than in Blender Preview.

But wait for texture.


Now with Textures.
The textures are reduced to 2048x2048 with higher compression. The file size increases by 500KB which should be fine.