Monster Snail

This is a giant garden snail I created and placed in a room in my house. I appreciate any criticism or comments, and more angles will be coming soon. :smiley:


Here is a much better image of the snail. I know it’s incorrect in many ways, but it’s more of a monster than a snail. Please post any comments or criticism related to this image, especially if anyone thinks anything on here needs changed. Also, if anyone knows how to get a reflection of this monster on the kitchen floor, that would be great.


I can’t give any “how-to” for you since i’m only in my 2nd day of learning blender
Snail can be improve on many ways…add spikes, giants snail eyes, some cracks on the shells, 3 headed each head should have different features…

Here’s a wired view, though it’s not that clear. If anyone wants to see a wired view before the subsurfs were added, please respond.


Thanks for the advice, 4seasons. I’ll add some of those features.

Well, its in an artists freedom, for me it would be an improvement though, if you would turn the snails house right, because as it is now it is anatomically incorrect.
IMO it really disturbs the look&feel of the whole snail.

It´s like looking at it, feeling somethings wrong but you can´t quite pinpoint it in an instant.

Another hint is to use ambient occlusion/ fake GI when compositing with photographs then the the CG items start to blend smoother with them.

I added the spikes and ambient occlusion, and this is what I came up with:


cool idea, but it could be more “slimey” :wink: (maybe subsurface scattering)

also, the shell should be a different color than the snail itslelf and you should UV unwrap it

Alright, here’s what I think is the final render. I know it’s incorrect, as far as the body -> shell goes, but it’s a monster somewhat resembling a snail, not just a snail with a few features.


I think that the way you composited the snail into the surroundings is great, however the snail itself could use a bit more realism. Especially the shell, maybe add a bump texture. Also I might add a reflection of it on the floor, because you can see the fridge reflected, but not the snail.

I don’t know much about how to make the materials any better. You could try putting the eyes onto the antennas/feelers/horns, or whatever (not sure about the right word). I saw a cool project not long ago that looked slightly like yours, I’ll try to find it.
Edit n°1: Here’s the slug:
Edit n°2: And here’s an octopus (liked the texturing, it seemed simple, yet not bad):

@Jaydez, how do you get reflections? Is there a way to transfer ray mirror to alpha, or something along those lines? Also, I’m going to UV Map the Snail so it looks more realistic.

Please; if someone knew how to get reflections in a composited scene like this would really help! Same with glows, too. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Lets see your node setup first…

@ DDD, actually I don’t have a node setup yet.

Ah, well, here are two tutorials that i found very helpful

And as you may or may not know i might be making a tutorial on that as well.

[EDIT]:You can see my tut right here:

Actually, I’ve already seen those; I didn’t mean a glow in general, I meant this: Say a person was supposed to be holding a floating ball of light. I want their hands to light up the same color as the light. I’m not sure how to achieve that; it’s different than just adding a glow to a scene. Also, unfortunately it doesn’t help much as far as the reflections go.

You want their hands to behave as a light or receive the light from the light(make them brighter)?
In case of the first one, apply the light material to the hands…
In the case of a second one, add a lamp next to the object light of the same color.