Monster That Can't Be Defeated.

A small idea came to mind for the UNIT (taking on of our youth groups sermons on…well…purity.)
So here’s the monster. I decided to take the May Bird character model and use it as another character or two since, frankly, I didnt get to use it for school.
One picture of it normally seen and another two of it appearing.

A car can not get started without a car battery, meanwhile other accessories such as the loud speaker is also not able to play songs at all without power supply. They all need the car battery to supply the power. No one wants to think of the moment when they many have to deal with jump-starting a car battery, but we all know it can happen some time. If the battery won’t start the car, in general you refer to it as “dead”, even though that’s not technically correct. How should you judge a battery is “dead”? A car battery that’s merely discharged – from leaving your headlights on of from a damaged alternator – can be recharged to its full capacity. But if a automobile battery is at the end of its service life, it can’t be recharged enough to restore it to a useful power level. Then we can say that it truly is dead and must be replaced in time.

42 views? yet another one of my threads uncommented?

Hmm, maybe because there isn’t much to say yet. I mean, nice light effect, but what are we suppose to see there? There is a ghost-like girl character on the first picture and another picture of her dissolving or something. What does it mean? There isn’t anything to admire, nor to criticise.

It’s a character test.

There’s a good point with that statement.
Time to finish the other stuff.