Monster thing walk cycle

I worked 3 days on this and I’ve been practising for about a year. Hope the cycle is a ok ^^;

i like it. it’s a good start, but the movements are a bit stiff… a bit jerky and robotic. his body doesn’t feel like it has any weight on the limbs. maybe a subtle bit of bounce of the torso from weight shifting would help.

It’s difficult to judge, because there’s no ground floor. Also, this is a profile animation that asks for a non-tilted camera view. Adding a ground plane and aligning the camera parallel to it would help. In my opinion, the head shouldn’t rotate along with the shoulders, but to stay in place like its eyes are fixed on something that the monster wants to catch or walk towards. Overall I think it’s ok, maybe a bit stiff, but will get much better with a little refinement, because almost all the hard work is done!

Looks kind of like a landstrider from the “Dark Crystal” You might want to search for some video of how they walked/ran

How do I make it less roboticish? Do I edit the curves? Less sway in the head, got it.

may I suggest making its body move up and down and its spine flex as it walks for a start. Start by looking at some old animations of the walk cycle for pluto for instance

This is definitely a cool start. I agree that it could be a little more fluid.