Monster Trouble

I spend most of my modeling time working on tile sets and game assets but whenever I’m not working on my game items or my main project, I take what I have learned and put it in to Frankenstein’s Lab. Although I can go into the game and do a few things, this isn’t really a game and I have no plans of it ever being a complete game but I can still show some of it here for fun.

only a mother could love that face.

the old abandoned castle/windmill on the hill

inside the lab, all three floors

my rig

and in game

it’s kind of hard to make a black and white game :slight_smile:


Ooooooo!! I love it! Gimme some gameplay, gimme some gameplay. :stuck_out_tongue:

I once tried to do a black and white style. This is what I came up with:

Great job on that scene zymn, I love the shadows and the angle. One thing about that old 1933 version of Frankenstein, there wasn’t a right angle or square in the entire movie. everything seemed to be askew and you seem to have captured that feel in your image much better than I have.

Ah well I think that’s because in order for me to get a picture of everything in the room I adjusted the camera’s lens size to like 10.

Just testing out sketchfab

sketchfabs lighting sucks lol

Glad to see you’re still making it! That model looks really great!