Monster WIP - edit -

Monster WIP
Materials are just tests, I’m gonna finish the model first.

C&C please.

Btw, if anyone has a nice monster material, please let me know; I suck in it.

Looks funny. The eyes size is fine to me, but for making them more alive, you could paint some big realistic textures on them. Just a suggestion.

That’s a great model!
Only crits the skin looks wet (which is really cool, if that’s the intent!) and the eyes look dry (not cool). At the very least the hardness for the eyes should be turned up (and maybe the specularity) to make them look wet.
Keep blending, it’s looking good!

aww… lookie how cute reaches out to pet it

haha looks really good man… maybe something like a few hairs coming off his/her chin! :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion, I’l try that out soon.

Thanks for the reactiona and good suggestion. I agree, I’l try and fix it.

Lol that you said that because here’s it’s origional sketch; with “hair on it’s chin”. :smiley:
Thanks for the reply’s, I’l send an update tomorrow. Now for me to go and sleep. (Damned exams…(just one week before I have my school-exams…) but when the’re done, I’m going to a “better” school, namely a grafical school in Amsterdam.)

Yetzero?? Yetzero didn’t write that!
see? that’s why I rarely post things on elysiun… no one knows who I am and get a hamster confused with … someone else haha :frowning:


Sorry my friend, it is fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:

UPDATE: (Tried what Soter and Yetzero said.)

Looks better now, being part caricature part realistic (a bit). Keep it up, it’s getting great.

thats a cool monster you got there :slight_smile:
they eyes are a big improvment too :slight_smile:

Kinda finished the head model and added his ear. Now to improve his head shape and create some more detailes.
C&C most welcome.

Another update: the skin is now much better for my opinion.
C&C very welcome. (Surprizing ey :P)
Another skin test, I really like this one.

i think that the back of his head needs to be more rounded

I just gotta say, there is something about this monster that makes me laugh.


That’s great!

I’m lovin’ it!

I like the skin and eyes and texturing and proportions… looking really good!

Neat design, the eyes look almost too big to fit in its head.

I like the texture of the skin material but I think it looks a bit too monocromatic. You could aleviate this by adding a large scale clouds texture maped to a yellowish or pinkish colour with a low col influence value.