Monster [wip] (update)

here is a monster i am working on (early wip) :

rendered view :

(i used the excellent face technique of TorQ :

I have been looking at the face , and it feels like something is wrong , but i can’t figure it out what
c&c are welcome
edit : here is the reference pic i used :

I think you need to work on the nose some. Based on what I can tell from the reference pics (parts that I can see), you need more wrinkles on his face as well.

Also, It might help to move the lip/mouth region back into his head a little more. I can’t tell where it is in the reference pic, but it looks sort strange as is. The edge loop there is extremely straight looking in the render. Use optimal subsurf to rearange until it looks right.

Good job so far though, and its nice to see a wireframe with some good edge loops.

tnx musicman for the tips, i’ll be working on them
i put a reference pic in the first post

I think your render is way too smooth.

Looks cool, Tauro… I__'ve been doing a face sort of like this lately.
I found out you need to put edges closer together in spots where the face has sharp edges, so that the subsurf will have a sharper angle, like around the nose, eyes, and lips… loop cut or knife would probably do that.

Now that I can see the reference pic:

His whole head is sort of misshapen. In your render, it appears more oval (generally) and in the reference its more square (generally).

His cheek bones need to be brought out a whole lot more as does the ridge above his eyes. Also, his cheeks appear to push and stretch under the cheekbone. If his brow was a little more square then, it would help to make the face look a little more proportionate.

A big rule to remember about an edgeloop tutorial is that every face will be different with different features. The edge loops must fit the individual face, while still following muscle patterns of related humanoid faces.

As said above, use the knife and loop cut tools bring out edges. When in edit mode and you believe you have the face where you want it, turn on subsurf and using the optimal feature shape out detail. This and the above information is something to take into consideration on every project.

It needs work, but you can get there.

time for an update :

musicman:tnx for the comments. i improved the shape of the head , i worked on the cheekbone, i began to reshape the nose (but it is difficult to get a good nose afterwards) and i shaped the eyebrows thing. what u said about edgeloop is right on the spot , you have to make it fit u’re model while you’re modeling. one thing that i regret is that i did a basic nose and intended to fix it afterwards , instead of doing it right at the beginning stage immediatly. also i didn’t make the edgeloop fit my model right away , i thought i could get away with it and that it would be easy to configure it later, but it did cost me much time to fix it afterwards

I__:tnx, i did do some details as u suggest to me , putting edges closer together to get sharp edges. i didn’t use knife tool much yet , that is the next step. i just want to get the basic flows and shape right first

blade: yeah it was an early render ,i think now it looks better.

ok here are the pics, as always i am looking on ways to improve, please C&C :slight_smile:


ugh, ugly mesh. it’ll look better with the lips too.

you shouldnt really need empty verts stickinrg out like accupuncture, try to use some more edgeloops etc.

traitor: i’ll fix the accupuncture thing , i’m gonna have a go with the knife tool now, to do a couple of things different :slight_smile:

chin is not supposed to be pointy

The mesh is actually not that bad. You just need to cut in some more loops to get some good definition going.

As for it being a monster, that is not true. He is The THing from the Fantastic Four comic books.


BgDM: I think you are wrong: in my memories, even if the general shape is the same, the Thing had little orange bricks on the skin, and no hair-like bubbles on the head… The eyebrows where the same, though, and the general muscualture also, but the likeness stops here, I’d say. Could be an extra-terrestial creature from any Marvel comic book, though… :slight_smile:


olivS: That drawing is from the original Fantastic Four series back in the 50’s or 60’s. Thing didn’t look all that blocky back then. Plus, the gay blue suit kind of gives it away too. %|


erm i was lazy so i didnt read what they wrote but is this the chracter from fantastic four? any ways i read most of the posts i agree with them all :D.

Definitely start cutting. I think this will help pull his chin into a broader position if you cut some of those loops.

Also, I notice that his head is larger on one side than the other. Expand the left side (from our viewpoint) so that it is larger, i.e. pull it over more.

The lips appear to be off from the reference. Try shifting them down some. The chin needs to be longer, based on the reference. Also, the loop between nose and lips need to be pulled out a little more, especially at the top. Yours is too smooth and layed down, while the reference is a little more vertical.

When working on the lips to get the correct wrinkle off of the corners, it would probably be wise to do a loop cut out of the corners of the mouth. And then shape this loop into the wrinkle.

It keeps getting better, keep up the good work.