yes i know, unrelated title sorry

i get the feeling is better suited for doing blender related work
but for some reason i feel like ive gotten good feedback here on things like conceptwork and digital painting too

anyways usual feedback is appreciated

uh, yes, it’s a panel for a comic or something like that

usually when i do stuff i do at ratio 8.5x11 or something like that

sorry, im not certain if this makes any sense
sorry updates are so long apart but you know, life and surviving and what not

i think the story telling is weak. if i added appropriate background and modified the body language and facial expressions to support a specific story i think that might be better

is that girl in the back middle larger than that guy on the left?
that doesnt make sense

Things can be altered. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

gotta get lights and shadows to work right

ah farts im rujsty

hmmm not happy about the way this has been turning out :frowning: