MonsterCatMedia Headphones

MonsterCat fans eat your heart out.

On a serious note I made this model, texture, and render within about 2-3 hours (Not the fastest modeler), I’m looking for a little bit of feedback on the render, it was done in cycles with 200 samples, originally going to be 500 samples but it was taking too long and 200 samples still almost looked the same.

Thanks in advance :wink:

Even in Focused Critique I don’t get Critique… WHY DO I HAVE TERRIBLE LUCK WITH FORUMS!

Don’t be discouraged, threads often do sink quite fast here, and it’s sometimes hard to notice new threads during busy hours.

The model looks good, and 2-3 hours is really not much, if you go for higher detail and all intricacies of materials, you may well spend even a day on a project like this.

Couple of things from me: the metallic rim (is it made of metal? that glossy rim) - you can actually see it’s polygonal structure, maybe you need to up the subdivision levels. The wires… you either shouldn’t be able to see much of them, or if you do, they should be interesting: maybe touching the floor, making a loop. And overall composition seems to blank to me: too much gray. Maybe you should look up photos/renders of headphones on google to get some ideas.

Well the rim isn’t really made of metal per-say it’s more or a plastic rim with a metal spray paint, like how most companies do with headphones and such, I do need to up the samples from 200 to maybe 350-500, I will up the subsurf to see if it makes a difference on the rim, it’s at 2 right now, the wires do intersect off camera at a point, but in this render for realism the wires do not touch the floor on camera, I mean think about a real pair of headphones that big, at that angle do you think the wires would touch the floor? :slight_smile:

I’m still new to Cycles rendering, but I do see what you mean about it being a bit grey, but I don’t see how I could fix it, the background color is set to white, I could change the floor and try to make it look a bit better.

Thanks for the feedback

Edit: You probably can’t see it in the render but the white on the plastic out part isn’t just white, it has texture to it but it’s not amplified to the point of being able to see it without being really close, I may also fix that.

Here’s a new render of it, I uped the subsurf modifier on the “metallic” rim but it doesn’t seem to have done much, the wires now come around the headphones with the headphone jack at the end, I fixed the composition a little to be not as grey, I also put a small probably unnoticeable normal map on the white part of the headphones.

It certainly did much - I don’t notice angled surface of the rim anymore. But with wires you brought the issue back: look closely near the jack, or where all the wires intersect: wire’s polygonal structure is obvious.

Have you tried getting rid of the background diffuse color? I.e. leaving only glossy reflections on black surface?

Normal map is quite noticable, but maybe you should strengthen it a bit anyway.

I agree with Stan, normal maps can be more pronounced. I think especially the cushion (right word?) can benefit from stronger normals.
I agree with Stan on the black background as well. :slight_smile:

The outer piece is very white. It’s a bit hard to see any material. Also, I think more samples are needed. Great work otherwise!

I gave the normal maps of both the outer white part and the “Cushion” part much stronger, I took off the diffuse and left the glossy and tried to make it as black as possible and still show the reflection, going full black took away the reflection, I don’t know how good it looks tho, and tried to fix the cords…

Hi. Maybe the jack could be bigger. I feel it too small. I suggest more or less this size: