Monsters In My Milk

Good work DarkLimit, I like the revamp of EDIT: Clive. Keep 'em coming :wink:

By the way, are you going to create an e-book or an actual book?

Both, it will be available as an e-book and a regular book. I am also looking into making an app for it on ipad.

Cool. Seems you got a lot of plans for these fellas.:slight_smile:

A concept design of the owl. am working on few different designs which I will choose from.


Go for it ! I like the toon.

Love the quirky style… can’t wait to read the story :wink:

Those characters are freakin adorable. you must have doodled a lot in your freetime, right?

Here is another update on Delo the owl, this will not be the final scene since the book settings will be elsewhere.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Yes Major I doodle a lot and thank you glad you find them appealing :slight_smile:

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Update on owl he’s almost complete.

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I have completed The owl, am pretty happy with the design. Feedback and suggestions if any are welcome.

Impressive images. Look forward to your updates.

Very nice little group of creature that you made ! I love this style !

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Here is another character I just completed.

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theyre all really nice i especially like the touch of the tie on the cat, and the expression on its face is perfect. clive looks very much like a cross between willow and ajay. also, after reading the posts about ajay looking like a dog, its the combination of the snoutlike nose and the lolling-to-one-side tounge i think that makes him seem “doggish”. maybe you could experiment with variations of the tounge and nose if you want him to seem less dog-like.

also, good work around with the bowl at the en ^^ why design a bowl of milk when you can show them a bowl and let them assume milk is in it : )

Siatharus - Thank you for your feedback, I will definitely play with Ajay’s design a bit because I don’t want him looking dog-like.

I have developed Weezy’s hands and changed his color which I think looks better.

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I did the finishing work on Weezy.

[IMG] By darklimitarts at 2011-07-13[/IMG]

Here is the new character, he’s a ugly Phoenix. more updates to come.
By darklimitarts at 2011-07-13

totally digging your style! keep up the good work.

Hah! Cool characters they’re really well designed I like all of them a lot! And it definitely matches for children! Well done.

swirlypillow and Dagon19 Thank you very much for your feedback and support.

Not all these characters will make it into my children’s book, some are for my new upcoming comic book.

Here are some new characters.
By darklimitarts at 2011-07-20
By darklimitarts at 2011-07-20