Monsters Inc.!

My take on Mike Wachowski from Monsters Inc. i’m going to animate using a sound clip from the film. This only took a couple hours so far, and the majority of the time spent will be doing the animation.


the only problem with the rig, is that all the bones are under the head/body, so when i tilt the body, the legs go with it, which at times can make it appear as if its a ball on a string. how do i make it so the feet have weight and stick to the point they are on when i grab the body/ head bone?

If you look at my example in this thread:
I helped YellowLambo on how to work the armature for the robot in The Incredibles. If you take a look at the model and see how the feet are setup, you can apply the same structure to your model with just two legs.

Remember that a good animation also comes from good models - so don’t rush on your models and try to get straight to the animation :wink:

i always want to, lol. but i think that the model and rig i have have been stressed and modeled as correctly as possible. i can always improve the texture later on.

update shots…


Haha cool model! :smiley:

that is what i have for animation so far. i still need to add lip movements, finger movements, and solidify the movements in the legs before it is all done.

I have finished this model and animation. Below is a link to the finished projects thread.

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