Monsters inside my laptop.

I was cleaning the screen when I spotted a little dot on my screen. It wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried so it now looked like a dead pixel.
Then to confirm, I took out my macro photography arsenal -My old webcam, and I finally solved the mystery.

I cant figure out what the hecks that on my mobile Coz the screen is small but i guess thats some small insect trapped inside the screen. It happens with me often and i just use my cursor to shew them away. (i know that sounds stupid lol but worked for me)

Mohd—The cursor is just displayed on the screen… Aside from more light being aimed that way to display the cursor, the insect would notice nothing… (Its probably a dead or dying pixel on your screen)

yeah and dead pixels have legs and wings and they can walk. Right? IDK why that happened but i as i said it worked (and obviously for insect with life)
Also I very well know diffence b/w an insect and a dead pixel cos i have a 3 or 4 pixel thick line near the bottom of my screen, 1 pixel thick near top and 4 pixel near left all containing nothing but dead pixels. Ok I know for many of you that means its time to buy a new monitor but i cant do it right now :/. So for over a year now i have learned to ignore them.

Okay, whatever… It is highly possible a bug got in there, but I doubt the cursor did anything… :slight_smile: I have several dead pixels as well and they don’t bother me at all

Trust me here, it is either an alien, a terrorist or morgellons. Now you had better get busy and do something about it! :slight_smile: