Monsun RS5

Last week I had a little bit time in the evenings so I had few hours to spend with Blender. Unfortunately I had no idea what should be the topic of this short project but after my son asked me to play with him with Hot Wheels cars, facing the lack of inspiration I decided to make some funny little car being mix of an american muscle car and a rally car from 70’s or 80’s.
I know, it’s ugly but… hmmm, powerful.
Thanks God I’m not a car designer :slight_smile:

I hope you like it. Thanks.

You get five stars from me! Great renders. I’m really liking that car paint. It’s not ugly, but it is very different.

stunning! Like the style and the quality of the work! Well done! :slight_smile:

Really fun design and nice work !


very nice ! Fun design and great texturing.

Can someone please explain why does this look so good?? For some reason, even being a toy car you invented, I feel it looks better than my skyline … Might be materials, lighting, the level of detail… I don’t know, maybe everything… I’m kinda frustrated right now… But that’s not your fault, you did a great job.

so cool, lots more character than 99% of car renders I see on here. Originality counts for something, too.

@Impreza09: I would say the differences in your render and this one come from lighting and post-pro.

Hmm, I guess… Could we get to know how is the lighting set up, pleeeease?

I agree with Impreza09, can we get the light setup, maybe your paint shader? I’m surprised not to see this featured.

I absolutely love this. I think this is my favorite car render of all time, and it’s not even a real car! LOL The mats and lightning are really nice and the little details and superb.

I don’t mean in any way that this one isn’t good, but you haven’t seen many car renders, do you?

But I think that’s exactly what’s so good in the render… You got the non-car people to like it, which is quite an achievement.

stunning work!! I really love this style! 5 stars

Well, thisis headed for the top row. Great style, a cross between a real car, the movie Cars, and Chibi cars…

:evilgrin: about the “non car people” liking it… good is good. And you have it! When you say few hours, that’s just the icing. unless by few you mean 20.

I like how it looks like you’ve taken a cartoon style and made it look as realistic as possible; even if it was unintentional. :slight_smile:

Monsun -> Mondeo + Datsun?

This looks just amazing. I would love to see a story with characters around this, maybe a race car cartoon/film. Very very good work!

This looks great… I love the whole Cartoon with some Realism kind of look… ! All Thumbs up…

Love it! It really deserves 5*.