Mont Saint Michel in 3D

thanks :slight_smile:

There is an addon that imports satellite data directly from inside blender, but in my case I used this tool: It’s super easy and fast to use.

I tried the original mont saint michel location but the data isn’t that great there (I’m assuming because of the tides), so I just grabbed a random spot of the canadian coast, and sculpted a bit more, also to get detail underneath the high tide line, and then put some erosion filters on it with world creator

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You can use qgis for elevation maps it’s an open source Tools for scientific map creation really powerfull . howto
You can register also on Japanese satellite data site to find other raster files. I dont remember actually the name but all registration are free.

Hi @Jasper and @skuax :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info :smiley:

There are many DEM databases all over the world.
I didn’t know about the tangrams one…
The Japanese DEM DB is IMHO the best one in a matter of covering and resolution.
TOPO30 is 1KM square…

Far too big for modeling accurate things like Carcassonne or Mount St Michel…
I once found a DB having 15m square ( not sure wether it’s the japanese one and can’t check ) and i grabbed my city DEM and around from it.
The japanese online data seemed today link-dead but finally works…

I finished with using a geoportail elev texture ( kinda hacked ) for Carcassonne and i had to rework/interpolate in it with my homemade U3D planet DEM tool :confused:

Anyway @Jasper i was asking for the map we can see on your pic here:

I hardly need those and if you found a website that hosts those kind of maps am really interrested :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again and happy blending !


That particular pic you can find here: but the website isn’t specifically for architecture.

For finding more I would probably take one of these maps and throw them in similar image search, so if you’re lucky you find more similar maps but not necessarily of the same place :smiley:

Or maybe also search for the names of people who made them. There are also a lot of orthographic view drawings. I think Viollet le Duc did a lot of those including some carcassonne but you probably already know those :slight_smile:

and for old maps in general I think you have to look at archives (of course best to search in the language of the place you’re going for)

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I’m kinda running out of steam at the moment because of the scope of the project (and terrible performance at times) :confused: but here’s a little update with a few more details placed. I also started making some birds which you can see in pic 3.

Still on my list:
finish up all the edges, especially around the floors
make the mainland background look good (would also love a low-tide version)
integrate the island better into those surroundings
rework all of the materials for more variation and detail
add people walking/standing around

and then set up a couple of scenes with different moods, lighting, etc.
aaand of course comp


I’m out of words ^^

This is stunning ! <3

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Love this piece. Terrific work!

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did a little wonky test render :smiley:
not sure if it displays here


This looks amazing!

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I found a top-down photo of the original location and managed to get a somewhat accurate height map out of it and expanded on that a little more. Now it’s going to make for a much more interesting background that works well enough with sea level at any height :smiley:

I also played around a bit with fog and clouds, but I’m not entirely convinced by it yet^^


do you plan to reproduce the golden archangel statue at the top of the bell-tower @Jasper ?

I don’t think so. Actually I’ve been leaving the entire spire out all this time because I really liked the simple/rough shape the tower has without it (and I’m not sure yet if it will indeed have this flat top in the end)
But if I do add the spire it will be a little shorter than the original and probably without the statue unless I find a suitable scan, because I really want to finish this project :smiley:

I understand your point of view and i confess that IMHO architecturally speaking, this Campanile reminds me of some Eugene-Viollet-Le-Duc’s Notre-Dame Cathedral’s arrow ( wich is now down ): some useless symbol of the human pride to build higher and higher.

Nevertheless, even if i ( you ? :wink: ) consider those choices as out-of-topic/unimportant they were made by some architects ( ??? not sure :stuck_out_tongue: ) and give the St-Michel mount top it’s nowadays look.
Therefore, and it’s only my point of view, it’s part of what you beautifully modeled and it should also be modeled.

Technically speaking, i feel it’s a pain reproducing the statue. And doing it by hand ( mebe a rough sculpt one ) would do the trick when cam is down the stairs but… no doubt some people will ask for the Archangel pic over the land…
something like this:

@Jasper i’m definetely admirative at your work. I love your way and talent for approching perfection.
And all along your posts, i hardly wait for the time you make the statue over its campanile :wink:

Back to tech, maybe ( as there are legions of pics and drone vids of this statue all around the web ) you can give a try with photogrammetry rebuilding it in 3D ?
Your non-care of triangles count should allow this kind of rebuild…

At last but not least ( and as an historical architecture lover ) i confess i dream to catch you model and make it freely visitable in unity3D through an application, just like i did for the Carcassonne medieval city…

Finally i just have to say what you deserve: Thanks a lot for your time, work and talent, giving me this pleasure to my eyes ! :smiley:

Happy blending !

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I’m happy with them too! Incredible!

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There haven’t been any major changes this week but here’s an updated clay and viewport render

@pitibonom Thank you. I can definitely appreciate your appreciation! :smiley:
About the tower, I also think that sort of design is a little out of place given that the rest of the scene is supposed to be a couple hundred years back in time… But the statue shouldn’t be a big deal. Either way I’m going to decide this later :slight_smile:

I’m likely not going to do any sort of real-time version of this project though. Perhaps I’ll have to leave that task to you :wink:

@Anthony_Forwood Thanks, Anthony!


Hey @Jasper!
Man, what an Epic you have here! :slight_smile:
I’ve drop by to check out how you were progressing and I’m very impressed, to say the least!
If I may ask how are you making the clouds!? Are they volumetric shader from Blender or come from other software?
This is exactly what I like to see and respect! Perfect job! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rogerio! I render everything in Blender. The misty layers of clouds are just a big stretched box with some procedural noises for the volume density.
The more defined clouds that you see in the third image there were made with Houdini. They’re super fast to make, and since Blender 2.83 we can finally import VDB files to blender :slight_smile:
I saw there are also a couple of VDB cloud packs that you can buy online

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I didn’t find a way to ‘overlike’ this post :smiley:

I read an offer from you: …leave that tast to you.

I have to say that it would sincerely be an honor and above this a real pleasure so set up your amazing work into unity and allow people to roam around, wherever they want to…
As usual, and it uses to be a path to be walked, i guess i’d have lot of work on shaders, mesh optimization, RT ambience building… but i think this unique awesome place deserves the time you spent and the time i could spend ont it for making it visitable.

If you feel like visiting your world/work in a real-time way ( and i never give promises other than ““i ll do my best for making it visitable on most platforms with the best realtime possible frame rate”” )

Currently i hardly work on Carcassonne medieval city VR ( don’t know whether you saw it ? Carcassonne Medieval city ) and it takes lot of my time but i can spend some time on The Mount St Michel so that it can be accessible and visitable by anyone.

At last but not least, if you choose to send me all your work so that i try make it RT visitable, be sure i won’t steal your work for my profit. In my point of view, you’d be the origin of this project and the only owner of your amazing work.

Just tell me what you feel like doing :slight_smile:
Gimme your blend in a PM of here in open-read ( and be sure many ppl will love it ! )

As said @rogper your work is epic :smiley:
And as i love it i just have to thank you again for it :smiley:

Happy blending !

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Hi Kleio, sorry for the late reply - I’ve been taking a break from the computer for a while :slight_smile:

Of course I’ve seen your carcassonne project, and I know how much work you’ve been putting into it. Personally I don’t think it’s necessary to get the mont saint michel into unity but if you feel a calling to take on that task, I’ll give you access to the files once I’m done. (I can assure you though: it will still be a ton of work to optimize for RT because I’m already stretching what cycles can do on my pc :smiley: )

Either way I’ll try to wrap this whole thing up as fast as I can :slight_smile:

thank YOU and happy blending!

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I’d love to see a city management game which uses that procedural house feature from Houdini.