Montblanc Fountain Pen

This is my first render after doughnut tutorial.
Please give me some advice on my render.


I think you did a fantastic job, I would throw it in the portfolio and move on to another piece.

Looks amazing! I’d use a different base plane texture, it feels wierd for a fancy pen to be sitting on a wooden board. Very well done, tho

You have got there some shading issues due to bad topology - ngon or triangle fan near the steel part and some bad placed edge loops probably (can’t say precisely without wireframe shots).

Thank for all suggestions!
I added loop cuts and cleaned the topology. The shading looks better now.

looks good. wonder how it would look with a piece of parchment under it and a few words written on it like . “Dear John” or like the end of a letter ." With All My Love, John." or maybe “Good bye cruel world.” with the last one you could throw a splatter of blood across the whole thing. … Just a thought.

It’s pretty good.

The transition from body to the nib is pretty rough? it looks like the nib is made of the same material instead of being inserted in the body.

how did you manage to model the detail on the nib? is it a displacement map?