Monte Carlo Race Course

I have been busy the last few weeks with my new map, the Monte Carlo race course. What is in the level so far is under 36,000 polys.
Figuring out the elevations and different buildings can be maddening, the city is different ever year:P
The target poly count is 2 million tris, with 70% done with instances, (or with duplicated static meshes for UT3 fans). This is for my UT3 race mod.

It looks absolutley awesome so far. Cant think of any crits.

As above. Keeping track of this.

I am up to about 38,000 polys, still fine tuning road elevations and scale of buildings.

I had a lot of problems finding images for the Casino complex:p The poly count is now mid fortys.

Well done on the modeling!
Will you texture it eventually?

Your model is very good… I like very much… I will pay atetion to this thread…

Now you need no texture the mesh…

Continuing the good work…

this is amazing…

when do you will show us more updates…???

I will be waiting

I had to adjust the heights of the meshes again to get everything to come out correctly. The basic road is correctly laid out, so modeling should go faster now. I am just over 60,000 polys.

I am still hard at work on Monte Carlo, but the flu and the holidays took alot of my time. I am still under 80,000 polys.

I think this is a prime candidate for a bge fly through. I want to tour this place when it is done.
Something about it though makes it look like a scale model rather than an actual place. Maybe that is just the camera angle though.
looks great.

Thats gonna be a bitch to texture.

I am now over 85,000 polys. There are no normal maps on anything, just simple modeling so far.

this is unbelievable! good stuff!

Thanks for the replys:)

HJ05, I should be able to make the scene available once finished, but the textures will be large, 2048x2048. This will be imported into UT3, and it works best to make large texture sheets with mulitple textures incorporated into a single material.

Photoguy and Godzilla123, yes, it will be textured, not once, but twice:( Once for the diffuse texture, and a second time for the lightmaps that contain the shadows.

This weeks update; there are just under 94,000 polys, (according to Blenders poly count, which doesn’t count instances the same as single use meshes). And I use instances when ever possible, so I only have to texture the original mesh.

Awesome! Truly nice to see something of this scale in Blender. I’m sure you’ll eventually reward us all with some shots from the cockpit perspective, almost smelling the asphalt! :smiley:

Glad you like it namekuseijin:)

This week I have worked in the Casino area modeling the Hotel Paris and Cafe Paris. Poly count is just over 100,000.

very nice yes.

Wowzers. That’s awesome. Can’t wait to see some textures on it.

You make modeling an entire city race track seem easy…

Seriously put this forward to a mainstream developer as i would love to race it with all the professional extras.