MONTHLY BGE game jam

i’ve talked about it for some time now but i want to great a game jam challenge that we can do once a month every month starting on the first of every month and ending on the last week of the same month.

I want to create a “multitexture” game challenge to pass the time until the next bgmc! Would anyone be interested? I say it’s a challenge because ive noticed ever since my first sight of bgmc 24 that most devs uses glsl as the crutch to make HQ graphics but focus little on everything else. In This challenge…should one choose to accept it…is to make a game with graphics that are good and gets the point across to where we can focus on the other things…like THE ACTUAL GAME perhaps? Optimization, game flow, memory and processing efficiency. And…we would have a FULL MONTH to do it!

In multitexture mode…everyone can play your game. No special driver or software is required!

Only the official blender software can be used. No upbge, armory and no custom add ons. The only custom thing for your game is python code! This is to even the playing field…everyone has an equal chance when everyone is using the same stuff!

For now your game size can be unlimited until further notice but for Pete’s sake…don’t make your game 2gb big and think that people are going to be chill with that…ok?

If everybody’s cool with this then we can start on December…there will be no theme so you can make whatever game that you want but it MUST have a beginning, middle and end. In other words…it must be a completed work of awesomeness!

The monthly Game jam will start on the month break that we have in between bgmc.

So that people can be more into this challenge…I’ll let you all come together and decide on how to rank and vote the ga submitted games. See what you all come up with.

Let’s do this!

The idea sounds good to me

cool beans! i would like for more people to give an answer…say later on tonight. if so i can get things set up pretty fast so that we can kick this thing off tomorrow and get some sick game content going!

either that or we can use December to solidify how we’re going to work this jam out. just had another idea though. I did say that we can do this every month. but so not to interfere with bgmc…after bgmc…we can still do it in the month of bgmc. but AFTER the bgmc contest ends…we can start it on a day or two after the event…you will have the rest of that month to start and finish your game…whatever event title that i (or you all) can come up with will have an extension title called BLITZ edition. what say you all?

I think you should wait a few days after bgmc ends.

Of course. I think that we should use this month to figure out exactly how Games should be voted, ranked, judged etc

im thinking about involving monetary prizes for these events. although these jams should be for fun. i think that having a prize that most can agree would encourage some to participate! so for now…anyone who doesn’t have a paypal account please start one. if you cannot get paypal. let me know if there’s another option for you and we can get that going!