Monthy's BWC entry

Hey guys,

This being my 100th posts on BA, I thought it would be time to start my first wip thread.
Lemmie do a quick introduction as I’ve never done that as far as I know. I’m maarten, but feel free to call me month or monthy. I’m an 18 years old dutch guy, and I’ve been using blender for 2 or 3 years (but never done anything serious, and there were times I didn’t use blender for a couple of months).

This is gonna be my first time participating in the bwc, so I’m hoping for some advice from this awesome community :slight_smile: and if everything goes well this will be my first finished piece (I usually just create models, never did complete scenes).

Okay for my idea:

“When the aviation pioneers started to explore the skies they couldn’t believe what they saw, huge buildings partly hidden in the clouds. Gateways to different dimensions.”

This is just a quick thumbnail sketch, trying to find a good composition (never done this before, so if you have some advice how to improve the composition, please share :slight_smile: ) Gonna do some better concept art soon (when school doesn’t interfere)

To flesh out the concept some more, I want to create a sky castle on the right side, I’m not really sure about the architectural style but I’m thinking something along the lines of ancient architecture, and in the left lower side a biplane. The ground should be visible in the middle, and clouds will fill up the rest.

I hope that make sense. I’m planning on updating soon :slight_smile:


(PS: if I did anything wrong with submitting this thread, pls say so, never posted 1 before :p)

2 quick sketches, trying to get a nice idea for my air castle

I personally like the second one most and I think I’m going for Roman buildings :slight_smile:

(Both images done in mypaint, I really like that program.)

ooh cool!
i like your concept :slight_smile:

Really, interesting, i love this concept, cant wait to see some of the moddling…:slight_smile:

sweet concept man. Cant wait to see more

I like this concept. Looking forward to more. :slight_smile:


I’m loving it, especially the floating towers around the outside. This could be really surreal

That concept reminds me of my younger gamer self. I used to play the PSone game Spyro. There 's one level called “Lofty Castle” that looks close to your concept. I’ll check if there are any pictures. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any pictures but I found this youtube video that might show a bit.
But a very nice idea if I must say so myself.

Hey Maarten, this is the first time i find a thread of you!
The idea is seems to be nice! Clouded castles in the sky sound as an awsome (difficult probably) job for blender. Your concept is good, and if your not sure about architecture, maybe i can give you a tip. im sure you know LotR, but in the 3th movie you see a white city (minas tirith) there is a lot of roman and byzantine architecture!
I think that architecture style may help, just search google, or just ask me for images on msn xD
Hope your keeping this project alive, And as everyone else I’d like to see some concept modeling (A)

Ps: Maybe some water on the island would look nice…

Thanks for the support guys, it really means a lot to me :slight_smile:
I definitely want to finish this project, but university is claiming a lot of my time unfortunately (first year chemistry takes up more time then I would have thought when I signed up lol).

Minas Tirith does have some interesting architecture, now you mention it, although I don’t wanna create a city created from a mountain, it might serve as an inspiration source :slight_smile: so ty for the advice.

I started working on the plane, for now it’s just a placeholder and needs a lot more work, but it’s a start imho

It’s based (loosely) on the sopwith camel and sopwith pup, although I’m playing with the dimensions a lil’ bit, because for some reason I find working on toon images more interesting than working on realistic images.

Did some more work on the plane, it’s far from the way I wish it to be, I used some cheap techniques to get results, it’ll do for now, as it’s just a place holder for now,

been a while since I updated, college is taking up so much time :frowning: I’m still planning on finishing this piece on time though.

Did another concept for the aircastle, having real trouble finding a nice composition :spin:

I’m not yet happy with this but I’ll post it anyway to show I’m still working on this :slight_smile:

I’ll work some more on this concept as it is the most promising I made so far.
I think some more buildings would look nice, but I’m not sure where to put 'm.
Any advise on this concept (or any good idea) is very welcome

Good concept,I have an idea for the camera position:Maybe it should be on one of the planes that is approaching the cloud castle.If it is not clear,I can do a quick sketch.