Montréal Blender Conference 2k6 - NEED A RIDE? Check Lucidmonkey post p4!

Get ready to update your signature, just in case :wink:

I hope you do realise who you’re trying to compete against. :slight_smile:

Quebec, where the drinking age is just a suggestion! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m certainly up for doing another presentation on character modeling :slight_smile:

I hope everything gets recorded, I can’t go :frowning:

Due to the recent demise of my laptop (and therefore the expense required to replace it), I probably won’t have the funds I was hoping to have to hit up the conference in Amsterdam. Expect to see me in Montréal. Hell, maybe I can think of something interesting to make a presentation on.

All this talk of beer, I guess I’ll have to be there again this year. You guys will certainly need a man who can hold his liquor to drag your sorry asses out of the bar when the dust clears…

Awesome awesome… Texturing is still my weakest area, so I’m always keen to learn more.

Never noticed you lived in TO before, for some reason. Guess I don’t look at the location thing very often. I am in Cambridge.

I’m near Upper Canada College. And I’ve only been here since December; before that it was three years in Tokyo, so you can understand why I missed last year’s meet. ^_^;

Beer? Bah! Let’s get a few rounds of hot sake going and we’ll see who drags who out. ^_^;

bah quebec’s beer is probably stronger than sake so :stuck_out_tongue:

so yeah, maybe we shouldn’t do a conference and just go to the bar right away, what ya think? :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Hot sake? I’m an unrefined country boy, so suggesting I drink sake, ouzo or even wine is like asking me to drink a glass of hot piss!

ok guys, website is up! Check first post!!! or check here:

This year, I WILL BE THERE ! ! ! ! OR I WILL DIE TRYING ! ! ! !

Un Saludo

Neat !
I just registered : nice form.
Hopefully everyone who intend to come/participate to the Montreal Conf will register as it will be of great help for the organizer(s).



/me just registered with his presentation agenda.

See you all there.


Thanks to the one who registered! :smiley:

Also would it be possible to make this thread a sticky? so it doesn’t sink into the depth of the forum? tx! :smiley:

As far as the presentation proposal goes, we already got 3 very interesting proposal :smiley: all the people who submit one will be contacted in a few weeks (or sooner for some of them) for further details.

Same goes for the one who wants to buy a t-shirt. More info will be sent in a week or two (concerning the design) and then around september 15 another email will be sent asking for size/color information!

Thanks everyone!

I’m there(once again)!:smiley:

just registered…for everyones info, i’ll probably be doing a game engine workshop. Last year I just showed videos, and I got the impression that everyone wanted to know more about the technical aspects of how the engine worked, so I think this year i’ll be taking people through the process of actually making a game…haha, dont worry, a presentation like that would only take an hour or so probably…just covering the basics. I might also pass out some demo discs so that everyone can get an idea of whats possible on a larger scope, but we’ll see.

oh great! mr bomb will be there!? …urrrrghh, im still getting over the nightmares after you unmercifly wooped me and Brian at the modelling contest last year…:stuck_out_tongue:

I second that. heh, j/k

atleast I wont have to take a bus this year.:slight_smile:

Ahh come on, it wasn’t that bad, though I’m certainly ready to go at it again :wink:

And, if mr_bomb will oblidge again, I can use his model from his modelling tute to do my UV mapping/texturing tutorial, so everyone can follow along and work with the same blend file. (hint, hint :rolleyes:).


Of course :slight_smile: Any preferences on what you’d all like me to do this year? A regular male or female head, a fictional head from a concept or something else?

I could do a general presentation on how to contribute to Blender’s development.

That would go from how to write bug reports to how to find your way around the code.

That is, if anyone is interested.


I know that I am, at least the bug report part ; as to find my way around the code… I promise to listen religiously. :wink: