Montreal Conference - Texturing

OK, my Crow model is on the back burner for a little while while I work on this:

The model is done by mr_bomb. I am not looking for crits on the model at all. So please, nothing about the model.

What I am looking for are crits on the texturing, as I am doing a UV mapping, texturing, lighting and post processing discussion at the Montreal Blender meeting in October.

I currently have the following maps applied:

a) Colour map
b) Specular
c) Translucency
d) Reflection

Bump map will be coming very soon, as I just need to tweak a few things on that.

The main reason I am looking for crits is that there will be some 3DS Max people sitting in on the lectures/presentations, and I want this to look the best it can, so the higher end people can see exactly what Blender is capable of. So I want it to look professional.

Any suggestions are appreciated and encouraged.



Ahh it’s good to finally see one of my models with a proper texture :smiley:
Looking really good, though here’s a couple crits:

The translucency seems to be a little weak. Especially on the ears and nose. Might want to turn it up a bit.

Areas like the bridge and tip of the nose, ears, and the eyelids all need more red to em. The eyes not so much, but the nose and ears definitely.

The lips could also use more red in them, though not the same kind of red as the ears and nose which just give a bit of a SSS feeling. The lips just need more of a natural red.

And although I know the base is supposed to be polished stone, it looks a bit to shiny. Just turn the spec down a tad. And there’s perhaps a little to much variation in it.

Looking good man, I don’t think there’ll be any problems putting the 3DS people to shame :wink:

The freckles/moles around the face seem off for some reason I can’t figure out. :-?

The skin is too pink. You need it to be more… skin colored.

For your bump map make sure it has pores. Especially around the nose and forehead. Some slight wrinkles in the forehead would be good.

Other wise, looking good.

I hope you knock the 3Ds people on their butts! :smiley:


It might just be my monitor here (LCD) but the skin coloring seems to be too saturated. I took a screen capture of this thread and pasted it into photoshop. I opened up the Hue/Saturation control and cranked saturation down by 25 (whatever those units are) and it looks much more in line with photographs on this same system.

I’d have to check it on a real CRT to get a better feel, but as I said, I was normalizing it compared to photographs on the same monitor so it should be relatively accurate.

Ok, well, i quote above for the pinkish/saturated skin and the mouth that is too much similar to skin.

For the eyes, there is a blue/greenis shadow around them, and a purple/reddish shadow all round, as skin is very thin and you see veins and capillaries shades.

See what i mean, iv’e tried to find a guy with a skin tone similar to the one you used:

Eyes are ok, but white part and lacrimal look unfinished, are they? Lacrimal is reddish and in eyes there are capillars, even in a healty person they are very “light” but they are there.

Um, looking at the photo, maybe your skin tone is not so wrong…

let’s knock the 3Ds people on their butts, as laurifier said 8)

The spec looks like it could use some more yellow.

I’d also reduce the number of moles in favour of other blemishes.

OK, here is a texture update:

Removed the moles. They did indeed not look correct.

Changed the colour tones somewhat.

Have to adjust the lighting some more to get rid of the noise as well as tone down the bump map.

Any more suggestions?

Thanks for all the input guys.


One suggestion I have on the mesh modelling is that the area between the nasal passages seems too thick and uniform. I might think about adjusting the width of that area(thinning it a little) especially on the upper/outer half. At the moment it looks unnatural imo. The ears could also use some tweeking but they work for this face for some reason. I assume you are not to sclera(white part of eye) textures yet.

i havent read what others wrote but here’s my suggestions
the freckels and eyes look great in the second shot
but the skin looks too dry, in Tizetsa’s photo you can see the oil on the face,
not sure how easy this is to do but it would add to the realism of this
looks great!

Um… i liked the previous one more. This has… few contrast?
A middle between the first one and this would be better.
And don’t forget to colour lips and the zone around the eyes… we must knock the 3Ds people on their butts, isn’t that?

Btw, how complete is this going to be? Only skin, skin and eyes, or also “accessories” like eyebrows, eyelashes, hairs and similar? (wow i’m learning english body vocabulary in this forum :slight_smile: )

You’re makin a very good and useful work, keep on :wink: .

Since you’re out there represent’n (* Kormiic bangs his right fist on his upper left chest twice and makes a hand gesture) the Blendy Boys, you gotta do this absolutely poyfect [!] [!] [!]

The moles in the first one only looked wrong because they seemed to form a ring around his face. They looked good, despite probably needing to be part of the bump-map, except for their arrangement. I’d disperse them differently around the face, and put fewer of them on there.

The skin on the latest update looks extremely unhealthy. The bump map is perhaps a little too pronounced, and the tone is far too red and uniform. I’d lighten it a little, reduce the red and add more tone beneath the eyes, around the nose and on the lips.

Next would be more pronounced blemishes. Pimples and stuff. The photo in this thread shows well what you need to do.

If you’re not using real SSS then you should use a ramp to get more red into the shadows and more yellow into the specular (along with making your specular yellower)

Links I think you should consider: (Downloadable maps you can look at)

OK, another render:

I think it is getting there. Looks more fleshy toned now, versus sickly looking. :wink:

Have to tone down the red spot on the nose and increase the opacity on my vein layers.

For this render, I rendered a seperate image with the SSS script applied and added it in post.

Don’t look at the eyes. Not sure what happened there. Have to fix them.

Wu: Thanks bud. I think this latest render helps with the skin tones, etc.

TiZeta: I think I have found a middle ground here now between the first and second render. As for how complete this will be, I will definitely be adding eyebrows and lashes. Just doesn’t look right without them. :wink:

Kormiic: Comment on the moles taken. Will play with them again and see where it ends up. I am using a ramp, which I have thusly tweaked for this render with some great input from @ndy on IRC yesterday. As mentioned above, I have also added the SSS layer in post. Thansk for the links. I have 2 of the 3 you posted bookmarked from previous endevours in texturing. The 2nd one in your list is new, but very helpful. Thanks.


Big improvement! Only the lips colour still doesn’t convince me.
Skin is very realistic now. Only needs a bumpmap at this point.

very good, two small things, the nose is a bit too red imo, and the ears look flat from this angle, but other than those, great job.

OK, better?

Toned down the red a bit and played with an inverted layer this time in post to try and improve the SSS effect.


OK, another update on this. I think the skin textures are finished. Now to add the hair, eyes, etc.


yeah looks great,
the oil to the skin looks much improved.

it is great to see someone pushing blender to create a photo real human, i dont think this has been done to this level before, way to go!

just being very picky i would say the red inside corner of the eye could be toned down to a pink. and the top of the ears could be bent out a bit away from the head. but like i said thats being real picky.

look forward to the hair. and its funny to me now that this is looking more real because when i used to try face modeling the more real it got the more i thought any second this thing is going to turn and talk to me, haha, i bet you are at that point now, haha.

I still think his nose is too red. Look like he got a cold. I would fix the red area around the eyes, makes him look old or beaten. The rest is great. Keep it up

This render looks extremely high contrast. Perhaps desaturate the colours slightly and make the lighting a little more subtle:

Aside from the redness, the nose is looking great (very nice spec work). Infact, if not for the triple-thick septum you could probably crop off that area and pass it off as real.

The whites of the eyes are a little too white, and they need to be veinier.

I’d put more spec on the inner faces of the ear. In most people that tends to be a fairly greasy area.

to really improve realism on your model, you should represent the very light pilosity on the ears, who appears like a halo when back-lighted.