Montreal Conference - Texturing

OK, been playing with the new Ashikhim shader in the bf test build. Here is first reults:

The spec is too high. Have to get that figured out. But I think the overall look of the skin is what I am looking for.

Any suggestions?


try to make the spec softer, broader and light blueish. [the trick is to give the spec a feel like it’s ‘seperated’ from the model… very hard i know!]
why do you use ashikhmin anyways? it’s not even visible in the render… [looks like phong]
also a more defined spec/bump map would be cool. and maybe more contrasty lighting.
the skin tone is ok though.


Thanks for the reply and inout @ndy.

Spec map definitely needs to be adjusted. You are very correct that it is difficult to get it to look separated. But point taken.

I am going to adjust the bump and spec maps and play with the lighting some more.


here’s what i’m trying to say… well sort of [spec is still too bright]:

sorry couldnt resist :slight_smile:
too bad we aren’t allowed to use post processing in CG. :wink:


you may be exhausting yourself with the skin tone.
it would suck to move onto the hair and realize you have to do it all over because of things you did not think of when adding the hair.
i would stop with the skin, add on some hair and then rework the skin later with more of a full idea in mind.
this will also give you a much need break on the skin, and save you from pulling all of your hair out, haha.

nice avatar, what is she listing to…AC/DC or Rush no doubt!
“I’m on a highway to hell”

sorry couldnt resist

me neither :expressionless:

i’ve made a quick and dirty postpro in gimp.
The result is interesting so i’ve decided to share it with you.
I only added head’s and face hairs, someting inside eyes (little veins) and a reddish tone to the lips.
Skin is absolutely untouched.

Well let me say that your skin works quite well!

Blonde hairs maybe will work better than the one i’ve drawn, as the skin tone is very bright, quite “nordic” and diaphanous.

i think you will definetly knock those 3ds addict. :wink:

TiZeta: What a great paint over on the hair and eyebrows. Looks really good.

Now I know the skin was OK. :wink:

Time to get the presentation done and get the model back to mr_bomb to finish off his presentation.

Thanks again for all the feedback on this topic people. It has been a huge help and a great experience as well.


can i give a last feedback?
Playing with your shader is funniest than study networking… %|
Despite what i tought before, the skin looks really good even with black hairs.
Maybe also better than blonde and reddish tone.

Anyway, here’s your shader with blonde and black wig.