Montreal Meeting for the Open Source launch (NEW LOCATION)

(theeth) #1

Hey everyone!

Like I said in the Blender Fondation forum (sorry for the double posting, I just want to be sure that everyone sees it), I would be able to organize a meeting here in Montreal, with a local, some PCs and a good internet connection. It would be at the Bois-de-Boulogne CEGEP (on Henri-Bourassa / Bois-de-Boulogne).

If you are interested, please confirm with me by e-mail, so I know approximatly how much people will be there.

Now, all I need to know is the date of the Open Source world release, then I can setup the final details.

PS: For anyone wondering what we will do (gosh, what are they thinking :wink: ), there will be some serious Blender talking, Blendering, sharing techniques and such. I’ll see if we can get a webcam to interact with the possible other meetings.

(theeth) #2

NOTE: I made the post sticky, to be sure it doesn’t get borrowed too fast for lack of replies.


(BgDM) #3

Sounds good. I probably won’t be able to make it to Montreal. When is this going to happen anyway? Is there a date planned for this release yet?

Is anyone in the Toronto area interested in doing something like this?


(slikdigit) #4

I’ve always wanted to go to montreal…

(phlo) #5

i could affort to get to amsterdam. but some guys in switzerland can not.
what is needed to organize such an event?
i know if i ask i’m not really the man to do that. but why not try to do the
same in switzerland.

some advise? (good internet connection; location; some ready computers…???)


(LethalSideP) #6

Dammit! If only…SIGH… I was in Montreal just a few weeks ago. I knew I shoulda dropped some of you Blenderheads over there a line… Oh well. Good luck with the meet, guys. If I manage to get to one, I’ll speak to you guys over the video/web-cam link!! :wink:

(bmax) #7

cool! but unfortunately i live just a liiittle bit too far away… :frowning:

(DAK) #8

I do not understand this. Why pay you money and waste time traveling to a room to use computers to use blender with people that you already talk to online and use blender right now???

(slikdigit) #9

why not?

(valarking) #10

you dont have many friends do you?

(LethalSideP) #11

I do not understand this. Why pay you money and waste timne travelling to a room to use computers to use Blender with people that you already talk to onlie and use Blender right now??

Just to meet people face to face, for pity’s sake!!! I don’t know if any of you have ever tried to keep a friendship going over long distance (I have a lot of friends in Norway, I’m in England :frowning: ), but it’s bloody hard. Face to face meets are a million times better than simple text. Is that so difficult to comprehend?? :wink:

And we’re also ignoring the fact that Canada/Quebec is a beautiful country. Failing all else, just go for the scenery!!


(slikdigit) #12

Yup. Like I said, I always wanted to go to Montreal, just to visit/sightsee, and this gives me an excuse.
Plus, I don’t know about everyone but I feel pretty celebratory about this. Doing something slightly out of the usual to remember it is hardly unthinkable. And the chance to meet forum members in person is always fun; I don’t consider myself to ‘know’ anybody if I haven’t met them (I guess I’m old fashioned) so this is an oppurtunity. Plus I really can’t go to the holland party, much as I’d like to. This’ll be the next best thing.
I’ll bring my laptop with all/most of my current projects for everyone to be bored by. :wink:

(Hos) #13

If it is near the end of September I may be able to make it!


(Donna) #14

Don’t beat up on yourself too hard – I’ve got a better “If I just…” story for you…

I was in San Antonio, Texas during Siggraph. I was there on unrelated training for my job. I walked through the Convention Center where Siggraph was held every day (just to get out of the heat – it was a shortcut to our training facility). Had I checked the blender3d website before I left for class I would have seen the last minute Blender Meeting they decided to hold on July 22 (Ton was there). I left class that Monday afternoon and I walked past where they were holding the meeting 15 minutes before the meeting started. Since we were done with class & just walking back to the hotel, I could have attended. :frowning:

Next time I’ll try to pay better attention. :wink:

(theeth) #15

that settles it :slight_smile:

I’ll try to setup the local for the 28th/29th, around that. Whenever that’s decided, I’ll give the coordinates to everyone.


(Hos) #16

I spoke too soon – my trip has been cancelled! :-?
I was to fill in for an instructor at some courses
in New Brunswick and Newfoundland later this
month, but now the original instructor says he
is able to do the courses. This is bittersweet
– I really would have liked to have gone to
Montreal on the way home, but I am also really
glad that I don’t have to teach courses!

I hope you guys have a blast!


(theeth) #17

darn :-?

oh well, I guess we’ll have to do with the rest of us.

PS: If you know some people in the Montreal area or that could come there, could you please mention this thread to them. I would really like to know how many people are planing to come.

(theeth) #18

Ok, since the official Party date is decided, I changed the date for the Montreal meeting.


WHEN: October 12th (to which could be added a second meeting the 13th, if enough people are interested.)

WHERE: At the College Bois-de-Boulogne in Montreal, on the corner of Henri-Bourassa and Bois-de-Boulogne. The street address is 1055 Bois-de-Boulogne, in the Saint-Paul building.

WHY: For people who live in the Montreal area (or who can come there easily), for anyone that will not be able to go to Amsterdam for the Official Meeting.

WHAT: Meeting other Blenderheads in person, exchanging techniques and tricks, chatting about anything, having a good time, …

Computer and Internet access: The place where I plan to hold the meeting is the Computer Association (Club Informatique in french) of our CEGEP. We already have 6 comps there. Two news PCs (running Win 2K), a Linux server running Debian, and two older PCs running Win 98. There are still places on the hub for 3 or 4 more computers as far as I remember. All those are plugged on Internet through a T1, so the speed is not too shabby.

Please, send me a confirmation e-mail, so that I know approximatly how many person will come. I could also give you additional information that way.

PS: I’ll add more info to that as time goes on.

(ton) #19


Let’s keep in touch. I like to mention this at the website as well.
I know at least one ex-NaNer who lives there… let’s see if he likes to participate.


(Donna) #20

This may be a stupid question, but…

Is this Montreal meeting going to be an English speaking affair? Not that i have anything against French whatsoever, I just don’t speak it. :wink:

I live in Maryland (north of Baltimore) in the U.S. You guys seem like you’re the closest “Gala” to me - I might be able to attend.