Montreal Meeting (Update 14/10/03 with website)

Hey guys! (and girls too hopefully :))

Ok, the Montreal meeting is all set, we have a nice local (a school class) reserved for saturday november the 1st (the second day of the Amsterdam conference).

I’m also trying to find someone with a digital cam so we can hook up with people from over there and on the net like last time. (if any of you has one, please contact me by e-mail).

The website (french and english) with directions and info can be found there:
If you want another “how to get there” from major cities please ask.

Like last time, people who can bring laptops and show some of their work (code, art, …) are very welcome. We’ll have a projector to give everyone present a good show.

However, two things are different from last time:

I’m going to have to make a list of people that are going to come (it’s in a school on week ends, so we can’t obviously just let the door wide open). So please confirm with me either in this thread or via e-mail.

We only have the local (or locals, if enough people confirm) from 9h to 17h. So we’ll have to find something else to do after that (we could find a restaurant somewhere and have a hangout there) or something else.

Hoping to see you there,

I’m in… and I’m toting passengers (number yet to be determined, minimum of 1 additional to me, maximum between 3 and 5). I’ll have more information within the next few days.

Well, I would love to bethere, but work has now forced me to bail. I will be on my way back from Vancouver & Edmonton, so I can’t make it now. :frowning:

Have a good time guys, and don’t drink too much beer.!


I’m in! If I can get my digicam fixed (canon optura 10- consumer miniDV) I’ll bring it along. I’m sure it won’t be the only one.

I’m in :smiley: hehe

wohoo slikdigit and Fweeb!!!
I can’t wait to see you guys!

PS: I might take someone with me…I’ll talk to you later theeth

Hey Fweeb…are you coming from VA?..

Indeed I shall. My van was recently beat-up in car accident, though, so we’ll have to see what kinda vehicle I tote myself up there in. Are you coming? If you are, I might be convinced to [slightly] detour through PA or NY so we can have ourselves a convoy.

AWW MAN! I wanted to go to this so bad, but our band is playing a big rad Holloween show here in Michigan, so I’m going to have to opt out.

Shit, am I dissappointed. :x

:x :x :x :x :< :< :x :< :expressionless:

Oh well, maybe next time (year)?

:frowning: i cant go. i dont have the money this year, wish i could though, it was so fun last time i went. so unless i can make some cash quick im out. sorry guys.

umph… been much busy recently, not much time to build a website, but anyway:

The french part is done, I’ll be translating in english tomorrow morning.

Another thing: How many people would be interested in having a 2 days meeting, saturday and sunday. I know that for some of you this means finding a place to sleep, but it would also mean not having to make the round trip in the same day.


I would like a two day (already working on staying the night anyway- hopefully not my car this time :wink: )

new update with english website:

and some adjusted stuff in the original message.


Oh well, we can’t have the local for the second day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t organise a private meeting somewhere on the spot.


Thanks for hosting the meeting in Montreal! It was great fun. I’m sorry that we (me and the two other guys from Virginia) couldn’t stay for “Round 2” later in the evening. We had to get back on the road and drive back.

Again, thanks for hosting everything. I’ve learned a number of cool tricks that I’m going to try and apply right now.

Yeah, Now I still owe you five bucks candian for the pizza at lunch! and Theeth told us all the ‘secret’ plans for future blender versions :wink: . can’t say more because its so secret.
Seriously, we missed you at the second round, But I’m glad you got back to Virginia OK. And thanks to Theeth and the other Montreal blenderheads for having us, it was quite a blast.

There was a 2nd round o_O

bah anyway it was great fun :smiley: see ya next year everyone :smiley: (I hope)

He’s talking about the supper I guess.

I’m glad you guys had a blast, because I sure did (even though I missed Bassam’s great presentation because of a stupid test).

As for a next meeting, I’ll try to set it up hopefully before next year.