Monument Valley Lighting

Hey guys,

I am making Monument valley Fan Art, but I can’t get the lighting working. COuld somebody help.

This is my goal:

This what I get:

Could somebody please give me some tips?

This is my lighting:

1 lamp, in the second picture on the right hand

Really thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

for really good lighting, try using an HDR image

if not, use a sunlamp.

also, remeber that nothing in this world is diffuse, try mixing a glossy shader with a diffuse shader, and play with the factor.
also, try to add details using a bump map, or displacement nodifier.

I don’t think I see any shadows being casted on other objects in the monument valley screenshot, it seems like theyre using the shading only to imply contour and not position.

Notice how the top of your castle has those fading shadows on thr surface, while monument valley has a clear light side/dark side which helps give it that flat look. I’m no blender expert though, so my only advice would be to hand paint the texture! Good luck!

What is your current lighting setup? That would be helpful to know.
You could try increasing the background color for your world, or using a sky world, hdri, sun lamp, or combination of the three. You will have to play around to see what you like. The biggest problem right now is your image is much darker than the reference.

  • -Use toon shaders for your diffuse and specular effects
  • -Use a sunlamp with the shadows checkbox ticked off.
  • -Use a volumetric emission shader utilizing a procedural gradient texture for the density. Use lightpaths to limit the actual emission of light to camera rays.
  • -Set the number of diffuse bounces to 0 and disable caustics