(Matthew P) #1

Hello all!
I’d love to get some feedback on this piece if you could take the time, please be honest!
It’s based off of a concept done by Andreas Rocha. Check out his ArtStation:


Monument breakdown:

Andreas Rocha’s concept:

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and I would love to get any and all feedback!
Thanks :slight_smile:

(Erisian) #2

Fantastic job. The lighting, the scale, the modelling - everything is spot-on.

(RemTou) #3

Wow, good job, looks really nice

(Thebayu) #4

My critique would be that to me the lighting does not make sense. There appears to be an opening in the ceiling where sunlight is streaming in, but rather than being illuminated from there the scene is lit by an unclear source in the bottom left. I know that is how it is in the concept art but I would change it.
Or you could add something so that the light emitting from there makes more sense.
Great job!

(RemTou) #5

Good comment from Thebayu, but from my side I actually like the lighting.

I could imagine the light from the bottom being emitted from… a fire, a river of lava, or even a camp of explorers. Something part of the story this picture is telling. So I like this mysterious light from bottom.

From a more technical point of view, the strong and warm light from bottom and is balanced from the daylight from top, softer and cold, and I think this works well.

Besides, the light from the bottom makes the statue more imposing.

(Roken) #6

I thought someone had just put ten bob in the meter having left the switch on.

Seriously, though, I like it. Nice job.

(Matthew P) #7

Thanks guys, love the feedback and discussion! For me the biggest problem with the lighting is how blown-out it is, silhouetting the characters. I’m going to try to soften up that area before “finishing” it, but who knows if it will be an improvement :stuck_out_tongue:

Really appreciate you guys, best of luck!

(ChameleonScales) #8

Love it. This is pretty much top row material to me.
The only objective criticism I would make about it is about the ropes.
Some don’t follow a catenary curve and some don’t seem to have the typical twisted strands, so they basically look like tubes, although I would like a higher-res version to confirm that.

I’m not saying you should use math to get perfect catenary curves but just eyeball it so it’s not too obvious that they’re not.

On the more subjective side, I’d like the face of the statue to have more distinct eyes and mouth. It would make it more captivating.