Monza (Concept Supercar) Rendering Work in Progress

The modeling for this project is all done, for the most part. Spent about two days total on the modeling.

I’m trying to get some cool renders out of it. Here’s what I have so far (and a matcap image to show off the modeling)

I’m thinking of a desert render, perhaps. With lots of motion blur and drifting. That would be nice. What do you think I should do for a cool render of this thing?


NICE. Very sleek. You can do renders from the perspective of different parts of the car. Like one render can be close hugging to the cars body, position the camera right next to the front wheel pointing towards the back.

Another can be a top view of the car as it drifts in the desert.

The back tail light section is very unique, just a render of that area straight on could look real nice.

Many people do render where the background is dark, I haven’t really seen any colorful or bright environments. Maybe you could do something like that.

Hey coolfield7! Good tips! I’ll keep them in mind for the next render. In the meantime, here’s something I worked on yesterday. [ATTACH=CONFIG]315281[/ATTACH]

Invalid attachment…trying again.

Woaahhhh! Nice!! I love the color. Pure, snow white with some gloss. Great scene. Love to see more renders.

looks really awesome! like the carpaint and the lens glare look cool!

Very nice. I actually like the orange color the best!

Thanks guys! Here’s how the desert render turned out. I’m going to need to lighten up the dust cloud a bit because right now it looks like smoke…

And a studio drift. Totally unrealistic but it looks cool I guess…

EPIC. The desert one is sweet. The ground texture seems a bit off BUT cooool.

Thanks coolfield7! You’re totally right about the ground texture…I’ll have to find a new one. Maybe I should add little rocks with a particle system…
btw here is a matcap of the back. I added a really simple engine model and, to hide its simplicity, put it underneath a grille. If I decide to work on the engine more, I’ll probably show it off and remove the grille, but for now, here’s how it is…

Sweet. The car does look really nice on the sand. Focusing on that type of environment could bring some nice results.

Good idea to focus on the desert setting…here’s a second attempt.

Fiddling around with the paint shader.

Whoa! This car is nice! I’m not really digging the background in post 13 though. I much prefer post 8. 8 can still use a lot of work (such as the ground texture.) Also its bit too white. (I like the high contrast though) Mostly I like that image because of the composition. I can almost see the back tires sliding around in the dirt as the driver works to stabilize his momentum.

Haven’t fiddled with this for a while, here’s the latest though. 2.71 is nice, rendering feels a bit faster than 2.70

Brand new paint shader.


Great work, first and last are my favorites :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! Here are some other hdri mess-abouts.

they’re all a bit dark because I couldn’t be bothered post-processing them.