Monza (Concept Supercar) Rendering Work in Progress

Comments, anyone? I’d really like some feedback on this :slight_smile:

I love this one. Very classy. ★★★★★

A lot of good shots and experimenting going on here! Very good to see, I especially like your shot in post #18. I think both the composition and the black and white make it a very elegant looking image, besides the design of the car itself.

Have you found it difficult to find many good angles to render from with this car? I notice most of your shots are taken from relatively high up. Using longer focal lengths might help to show off more of the car if you find that a lot of it is being obscured.

It’s looking great so far!

That third last render is really well done. The car’s color/paint shader and placement make it fit in so well with the scene, nice work!

Thanks for the tips and comments guys! I’ve been really busy with this engineering internship that I’m doing this month so I haven’t had much time to model lately. However, I have made some progress. I’ve added new brake discs and a little vent in the side (not sure if I like that yet). Also just a bunch of tweaks. Remodeling a few parts, adding detail here and there, tweaking curvature, etc.

Also a new paint shader with (barely visible) paint flecks!

Gorgeous! The contouring on the sides is freaking me out!

Very cool car!

Nice car and lovely attention to detail! Maybe you could do a wind-tunnel scene with it :slight_smile:
I’m working on my first Blender car so I’ll be following this thread to learn!

Thanks for all the comments guys! I’m glad you appreciate my work :slight_smile:

Here is a quick side render. Matte grey.

Lovely. It seems very beautiful I would to drive it.