Mood Study

Before these start gathering too much dust, I may as well post them.

A simple modeling/lighting exercise with a simple scene, inspired by a sunny afternoon over the recent holidays. I did this in my spare time over a couple of days of tinkering around, trying to get past the laziness to model everything in proper detail to fit the mood.

I want to do a few more of these ‘mood studies’ to remind myself why I like arch. viz in the first place.

The last shot is what the whole little project is about. The other two are the last shot’s illegitimate offspring.

Blender + Indigo + Photoshop (blending two different exposures)

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wow, nice scene. i like it :smiley:

Secluded peace is what I get from this, that feeling of absolutely quiet safety inside a home. Nail on the head. Perfect job, 5 *s

These aren’t photos? :eek: To my eyes, perfect.

Only problem I see is that in real life, outlets are about a foot and a half above the floor, but that is being very nitpicky. Very good job there. I envy your skill.

Not in my house!

Every time I build a wall, I put outlets so that the bottom of the outlet is about one full-sized hammer’s length off the ground. Maybe that’s just me.
And yes, one and a half feet is too high (I went and looked)

amazing :slight_smile:

very nice, though I wonder if the picture on the wall should be that dark in picture 2. Perhaps you need to adjust the material? or is it supposed to be like that?

very cool, I like it.

Thank you very much for your comments!

Awesome dude!
The wood texture procedural or image?

Wondering how it would look like from Luxrender for comparison.


whimsycoll: Maybe I’ll try it with Lux or SLG.
mziskandar: Wood is high-rez image map :slight_smile:

That is mostly you. :wink:

actually, they are perfect for being imperfect: bumpy walls and ceiling, dirt in the textures etc. :slight_smile:

You are a true artist, to be inspired by nothing but a sunny day. I envy your artistic ability. I also like how you get rid of the bordom by doing something productive. most people just sit around saying how bored they are. people like you are what keep this world evolving.

namekuseijin: Thanks! I made an effort to not be too ‘clean’.
Joemama198: Thank you very much! I think working towards something is a great reward in life, being productive means you are active and actually living instead of wasting time. I can’t sit still much anymore :slight_smile:

Good work Tom. I have watched your website, can you tell mw which render engine did you use for those Architectural renderings ( Vray, Indigo…)?


Thank you, Milan, great woodshop scene, by the way! Are you planning on texturing and lighting it?

I use both Vray and Indigo for my architectural renderings. Indigo affords amazing light quality, Vray can produce very fast and clean results. Depending on the scale or depth of the project, I use either.