Hi Guys, what do you think about these? I must warn you though, they do not in any way refrlect my mood though.:evilgrin:


Nice =] I dont like the faces. ha.

but thats my forte so I guess thats to be expected =P

It’s just the lips, the bottom one should be lighter than the top and be defined by shading underneath

But the bodies are great, and you are much better with a pencil than me

edit: but may be its just the comic book style

Very well done. What medium are you using?

I guess you can say you are right about your observation. I think the fact is that ever since comic art became my greatest strength in drawing, I have kind of found it a bit difficult to adjust to other styles, even when i want to.

My medium is mainly paper and pencil. (also ink and coloured pencil) :o

This is where still life drawing and drawing technique become important.
Being able to draw accurately (proper proportions, etc.) from observation using proper line technique (stippling, hatching, crosshatching, etc.) forces a person to break out of “style”. Many people seem to balk at doing still life drawing, yet it’s really what empowers an artist to become even more creative and eventually draw whatever he/she can think without getting stuck in the style rut.

You have done a nice job on these drawing, btw, I’m not trying to take away from what you’ve done here.

I agree with shatter it may just be comic style (I have no idea), but I’d suggest trying not to outline the mouth so much, lip stick is normally red which appears as dark gray(unless I’m mistaken) and you show a light source in one of your pictures that would shine on lip stick. Other than that they’re great.