Moodboosters - my favs

To start a day:

And to keep it good:

What do you think? Which chocolate looks more realistic - the milk- or the dark?
Which will be better to put with this coffee model?

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Looks good, thanks - -

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Always dark chocolate with coffee ^^ Look great.
Little idea : I think the image could me more contrasted with darker shadows :wink:

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OK, I’ll try that, thanks.

Coffee looks pretty good. I think the handle on the cup is a tad too small. Other than that, looks great!
Would love to know how you did the foam on the coffee. Been trying to figure that out for a long time!

Thanks :grinning:
While the handle looks small, I used exact proportions of existing cup - admittedly, it’s not very comfortable one (too small to be easily held even in RL - it does speak something about designers).
Now, about the foam - it’s sculpted surface and real foam photo texture).

Thanks much!