Moog Mother-32 Synthesizer

(stryct) #1


this was inspired by a video about the synthesizer in this render. I really liked the look and thats why I made this image.

Initially I tried to recreate it 1:1 but eventually I made some changes because I think it looks better that way.

I know that the metal plating would need some beveled edges to make them shine a little, but I was to lazy to do it by hand and the bevel modifier would work :evilgrin:.

Artstation Link:

(JA12) #2

You might not receive much critique because it’s pretty much flawless, which could be one thing to improve on

It might be hard to figure out where to take the subject matter and have a more interesting image. Peers might look at it and say it’s a beautiful model, which it is. But unless the viewer is a synth enthusiast, they probably won’t spend much time figuring out what it is even when it’s written on the model, and won’t get what is so special about the synth or the image.

If it’s for a product shot, that’s fair, product images are usually less exciting and more informative. Products are for a target group and contain lots of side information and the ones looking at the images are looking for specific things about the product.

General public needs something they can relate to. Could maybe take an idea from Ikea who show furniture in an environment, put the synth on an audio workstation, perhaps showing an electronic keyboard which is familiar to everyone, computer screen with audio program on it, wires. It would still work as a product shot and be more relatable.

The subject matter in the first image is the young woman instead of the synth, but it’s an interesting image. She’s concentrating on something, holding a soldering iron, and wait what, she’s surrounded by men who are 3 times older than her.

Maybe there is some backstory you could bring out in your image. Perhaps that it’s modular and hackable musical instrument, showing parts and a soldering station, etc. Or that it’s a modern version of an instrument that also female producers use and have used for a very long time.

If you ever go for such image, what is shown in the frame needs to tell the viewer a story without words, a visual version of a written paragraph. The composition has to support that visual storytelling.

If you’re just looking for improvements in the render you already have, you could dirty it up a bit. Some speckles of dust and maybe some slight imperfections on the reflective surface that would appear from handling. It has been handled because it’s on.

(Erisian) #3

Excellent work on the moog. I’m a big fan of the old moogs and I have several virtual moogs on my computer. Yours looks like a photo - you must have worked really hard at it.

(warnotte) #4

Good job. The only way to get a Moog for me also, is virtual moogs or 3D models (as they are so expensive).

(stryct) #5

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I’m sorry I couldn’t follow up sooner… I will work on some “story elements” and maybe try adding some dust to the surface to make it less clean, when I find time during the semester :slight_smile: