moom_blender_rig free ^_^



Thanks for sharing this character, I’m loving him with Maya, I’m very happy to see him with Blender.

OOPS! Link appears to be broken!

I would love to be able to play with moom! Any chance of finding proper link? (I am not fluent with the japanese)

Link is still broken :frowning:

I’m loving all these rigs that have been built and released lately, this one especially.

there’s a new link? it’s broken. :frowning:
Thanks for sharing!

Is it possible for anyone to reupload this lovely character? Having in mind that original poster is Japanese, it seems pretty unlikely that he will check this thread anytime soon…

I am starting to bore even myself… did someone downloaded moom and would be willing to share? zxfyzz was last active on this forum 2009, so it is very unlikely that he’ll be reuploading moom anytime soon.

Has anyone played with it yet? I love this character, however I don’t know what about Copyright issues? I have seen this rig in Animation Mentor.

Well I say this guys because as you have noticed, Copyright discussions seems to be the last fashion topic among some “enthusiastic Street Layers” apparently to find something to do, ha ha ha

Be aware guys !

I have it, but as you may have noticed, the character has no pupils. It looks rather creepy to me, would anyone be able to fix that?


rig_moom06.blend (1.17 MB)

Thank you for sharing