I’m just doing a scene from one of the Moomintroll books by Tove Jansson. First up moomintroll

And the wire. Is this a good mesh or are there weaknesses which could cause problems? I am not sure whether this is the best way to do the arms and legs.

I don’t know the books, but the character looks really nice and the mesh seems ok to me. The only issue i can see is a too sharp edge on the outer side of the feet. And some more loop around the neck could avoid you problems in deformation for animating the head (if animation is your goal).


I looks like Tove’s version (not the Japanese version) of him.

Although the eyes look like they are too deep (inside) in the head. The hands are great.

Thanks for the comments. I have tweaked the mesh some more. The foot mesh was particular messy and now that I have simplified it, it actually works a lot better.

I have also tried to improve the face mesh, and I think it is now way better, especially in the forehead and snout region. This should allow a more expressive character:

So I think I will attempt to rig this character, with the excellent new release 2.40. This will be my first attempt at rigging.

I have also made the eyeballs smaller.