Moon Dragon

Here is my latest. It’s my third piece with Blender, and I’m getting a little more comfortable with things. This dragon is a little more my style than my first two pieces.

I spent a little extra time trying to make a good base mesh, which helped somewhat, however some parts of the mesh still got crazy once put it into it’s pose, such as the wings and the neck. Since I’m not animating anything I might just build the base mesh closer to the final pose the next time.

This is my day to day progress.


Very cool! Nice lighting :slight_smile: reminds me of Ridley from the Metroid games

Thanks for the like. You’re right it does look a bit like Ridley. Ridley must be imbedded on my subconscious because that was not intentional!

The lighting was an experiment. I decided to do all of the lighting before the modeling, and then just live with it. I did end up adding a light behind on day 5 to lampshade the wings, but for the other lights I tweaked the geo to match the lights, not the lights to match the geo.

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