Moon formation simulation?

Hello there. I’m new to Blender and simulations in general. I’ve been asked to create an effect in Unity of the Moon formation, which will rely a lot on particles and maybe some mesh pointcache.
Reference beeing :

Could someone point me in the right direction ? How would you tackle this ? Simulation ? Hand made ?
I’ve been looking a bit into FLIP Fluids, but i’m not sure if i should insist.
Is it possible to have the object volumes generating their own gravity, or should it necessarily be a force modifier ?
Thanks !

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This kind of simulation requires million of particles. Forget about it on blender. rigidbodies and collisions are far too immature and too heavy for expecting such result.

I’m not even sure this can be done in U3D. Maybe with instances for drawing, and jobs for maths ?

Gravity maths are based on tensors. mosly like a volumetric elastic cloth with a simple function for gravity: attraction function of the distance square.

I think you should give a chance on nvidia’s website. Cuda cores are pretty convenient for HPC and developping dedicated soft for this kind of simulation have to be IMHO close to the bare metal…

Good luck :slight_smile:

And happy blending !

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Hey, thank you for your answer. I should have added that i’m more interested in a artsy rendition than scientific accuracy. I know i don’t have NASA supercomputers power nor brain capacities. And this should be renderered in real time (VR), so i have to fake a lot.

with volume cube and new experimental simulation branch you might get interesting results.