Moon in Forest Clearing —or— Fun with "8-Fold Rotational Symmetry"!

I haven’t posted very often since I started learning Blender this year, but if anyone here does remember me, they might remember I don’t like long render times XD

That isn’t to say that this animation (which I created for Lullaby World) didn’t take a long time to render; all-in-all, it came out to about eleven hours taking into account all layers (which has been the most intense render time I’ve yet faced, although some of you are probably thinking… “amateur!”).

BUT! This render time could’ve easily been measured in day(s) had I not implemented 8-fold rotational symmetry. As a result of using this technique, I only had to export 45 degrees worth of rotation for everything (save the moon itself).

_blend_tree.blend (3.4 MB)
(Note: I made the maple tree with the intention of using it in a variety of projects, and I’m releasing the maple tree with a CC0 license; link directly above).

The tree trunks, for example, are made of eight identical beveled curves. The leaves are actually 8-fold rotationally symmetrical discs (with shape key animations for the wind effect). As such, I was able to render only 45 degrees worth of rotational animation for the tree to create the illusion of full rotation, which I then re-imported as textures on “Emission Shader” planes that always track the camera.

The terrain consists of eight identical, pie-shaped wedges, covered in a custom grass material.

(On a side note, the grass material was made by feeding the “Dot Product” of the “Incoming” vector with the “Normal” vector into “Mix Shader”… while a custom flowing grass animation that I created in Flash was fed into the “Displacement” socket).

I used Flash for some of the elements, as I often do… but this is actually one of my least Flash-intensive videos to date.

The overall theme of the video was based on a lo-fi animation I saw recently, but I don’t think I bookmarked the page and have had trouble finding it since. Maybe the inspiring work was made on Blender, so if anyone here is the artist of a full moon in a bioluminescent forest animation for a lo-fi song/playlist, please consider giving me the link because I was quite enamored with your work!

Anyway, kudos to the Blender devs for such a wonderful program! I’ve really been enjoying this journey! :smiley: Peace and God bless!

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OMG! How many hours did this take you!! wow!

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