Moon Jar...

This is attempting a White Porcelain Moon Jar using Blender + Luxrender…

it really can work for a catalog or a poster!
DO some post-pro if you have time see what gives.
4 stars.

I think the studio lighting came out great which does lend itself to the catalog feel etc, I used number 15 here: - many thanks Thykka ::slight_smile:

heh, its really temping to post-pro it, I have sort of vowed never to post pro or scale a luxrender, kind of a silly goal, neo-super-realism ? not good enough yet, maybe someday…

Thank you for looking :slight_smile:

This is a creative commons released image, 1/2 the goal is to explore some of the newer features in luxrender, the floor for example is using absorption in a substrate and this is testing the latest bidirectional code, the other 1/2 is to try and get at a fine-art still image photo style, which I admit is a work in progress :slight_smile:

fantastic rendering… the scarf is nice as well… noted how the vase isn’t quite symmetrical…?

And I know it’s off topic - but who is that guy on your icon? I’ve seen him in a lot of places, but who IS he?

I’ve seen him in a lot of places, but who IS he?
heh, Bob Dobbs,

…noted how the vase isn’t quite symmetrical…?
Its intended to look hand made. :slight_smile:

Wow amazing work - proof that less is more when it comes to realistic rendering.

I have been trying to make a good crackle glaze material without much success - would you care to share the material settings?

heh, in fact I ended up having to do what amounts to a “physical” simulation of the glaze, this is from the thread about it on the lux render forum, this post explains all the materials used:

Let me know if you can’t view that or need more information, honestly I worked for quite a while trying to get the glaze right, this is the work in progress thread from the luxrender forum for it:

Thank you for reviewing this piece and commenting :slight_smile: