Moon lander 3D

Hi all,

This is my first serious Blender project, and I am finding it a lot of fun to develop, and it is something I am hoping to take a long way. The main restriction at the moment is my lack of Blender knowledge, but thanks to this forum, I am really moving along. At the moment, I have taken care of modelling, physics (motion of the lander and responses to various keys), textures and sounds, and I am starting instruments and overlays (I have made a throttle readout so far). I hope to code an altimeter and a ground speed indicator to make it a more realistic experience, and create some animations and more visual eye-candy. I will also model more landing sites and special objects. Here are some screens of the progress so far:

I see a Moon Landing on April 1 and I think it fits perfectly!!!

Looks like a good start. It looks like this will be a lot of fun to make. Good luck! I will enjoy seeing your progress.

Thanks Jimtuv - I’m really enjoying it. I’ll keep updating this page when I do anything new.

Why’s that?