Moon Map Celestia

anyone knows how to work with the Normal maps or bump maps
from Celestia

some are DDS file so can this be use in blender and how ?

I got the nor 4 K map which looks good but no colors
I can add some color but a bit small In size would like more details

happy bl

You can use .dds like any other image file in Blender. As far as colors…the Moon doesn’t really have colors…If the .dds does not show in the thumbnail when you add it to your scene, it needs to be loaded into Gimp or IrfanView and just re-saved as either a .dds or what-ever you wish ( there are some older .dds file formats that will not work until re-saved ).
I grabbed Mars from Celestia and worked up a quick render, using a UV spere - sub-d and nodes.
Make sure to select Non-Color on the .dds normal map…

Not sure what you mean by this… if you want more details you can go to Nasa3d when it is working again… Here is a link to my Moon maps ( WARNING: they are HUGE! 21600x10800)
Moon Maps

I wanted to play a bit with color
cause some map don’t look like the real thing when you look at the moon
so changing color might bring back a better Natural look
see photo here,2

set up does not need UV map here !

On EEVEE on my small machine this is very slow but very nice

happy bl

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