Moon Mohn

The title is a language mix of english and german.
It’s a wordplay using the english word moon and the german word for poppy.

As the weather does not permit taking photos from the real thing, I resorted to doing it virtually.

Render is pure blender internal. Background image is mostly hand painted based on some photo material.

Thanks for all the suggestions in my WIP, but now the weekend is over and I have to declare it finished :eyebrowlift:



Obviously this image does not gather much interest :no:.

Is there any interest in the actual blend file and the textures? I ask in advance since with all the textures this is quite some amount of data. So if there is interest, I will gladly try to find a way to host the files.

what…I could’ve sworn I put a response to this…wierd…anyway looks coo

well…it’s kinda lacking something in composition. but i don’t know much about it. I think because you have two objects, one on each side, there’s no central focus point to kinda tie it together.

I think its alright. Maybe the flower in the front with the bud hanging down could be moved more to the left and maybe the lighting changed. It kinda makes you wonder where the light is coming from that is lighting the flower, since its obviously not light from the moon. I think it’s a good idea. should just be improved on a little more.

When you say ‘two object’ are you referring to the poppy and the moon, the poppy and the open bud or the poppy and the closed bud ? I tried several scenarios and wasn’t quite satisfied with each of them. This one turned out to be the best ( for me at least :wink: )

Yes, the lighting was tricky. I wanted to have a night scene, but still being able to see the major details of the poppy. So in the end I decided to deliberately light the poppy in front and keep the closed bud darkened to simulate a short range light. I don’t know if there are better techniques for achieving this. Maybe someone with more experience can shed some light on this :wink: