I am a complete beginner in the world of 3d-animation and blender(I am from Belgium.)
I started a month ago between my homework.
This is my first post on the blender elysium forums.

Here is a fast render I made of the moon:

It was more a test to make the moon realistic. (For using in a space scene I will make)

Pleas give your comments and ideas to make it better and more realistic.


ps: Was my english good?

Nice start, you used a quite detailed map there.

Problems are (a part from stars, Blender built-in stars need lots of tweak to be acceptable) that you just have 1 map.

Unless I’m mistaken badly, the whole moon looks lit from left bottom corner while craters looks lit from left top corner :slight_smile:

It could be some badly placed lamp, but it also could be that you used a map of the moon as colmap and nothing else.

You should be able to find on the net both bumpmaps and colmaps and maybre some specmaps, use them alll!


you should rotate the moon so that the shadows looks like they come from the light :slight_smile:

That’s really something. You could consider adjusting the camera scale, so the moon looks bigger.

thx for the replies.

Here is an updated version with more bumpmapping.

Later on I will make the earth, the sun and some other planets.

looking closely to the background, it seems to me that it is a bitmap, not a blender’s regular starfield. Not quite sure, though… :-?